Chapter 3261: Anatta’s Fruit of Ways (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3261: Anatta’s Fruit of Ways (Two)

Faced with the Anatta Grand Exalt, even the Snow Goddess who completely neglected the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Grand Exalt demonstrated deep fear in her eyes.

With the Ice Goddess around, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt could not do anything to her, but the Anatta Grand Exalt was much stronger than the Ice Goddess as the greatest sovereign of the Saints’ World.

“Sigh!” At this moment, the Ice Goddess nearby let out a sigh. She silently appeared before the Snow Goddess and said, “Sister, you should sever this tie with the mortal world. Don’t forget, you’re now the Snow Goddess, not Changyang Mingyue!”

“You should treat all of Changyang Mingyue’s experiences as a dream, an illusion. Forget all of your ties, sever all of the karma, and return to being your true self. You shouldn’t have come here today. You shouldn’t have had anything else in your heart apart from the Ice Goddess Hall. C’mon, let’s go back together.” The Ice Goddess sighed. She spoke gently, but due to her personality, her voice was instead filled with a ruthless sense of coldness.

It felt like she was a cold machine devoid of emotions. In her eyes, there was nothing apart from her younger sister.

The Ice Goddess waved her hand gently. She did not allow the Snow Goddess to resist at all, forcefully taking her away from here.

With just a single thought, the two goddesses crossed through an endlessly vast distance, directly appearing in the Ice Goddess Hall.

“Sister, the twin swords have been exposed. H-he’ll die. I-I don’t want him to die.” The Snow Goddess’s gaze was anything but calm in the Ice Goddess Hall that permeated with coldness. Her emotions surged.

“Sigh, I didn’t think a single reincarnation would leave you mentally disturbed. Sister, forget about Jian Chen. Forget about everything your reincarnation went through.” The Ice Goddess sighed.

The Snow Goddess shook her head gently and said, “Sister, I’m begging you. Save Jian Chen. I don’t want him to die.”

“I really can’t save him. Let alone me, there’s probably no one in the current Immortals’ and Saints’ World that is capable of saving him, as he’s already become Anatta’s fruit of ways. His fate is already set in stone,” said the Ice Goddess.

“Fruit of ways?” The Snow Goddess was taken aback.

“Anatta entered the Way of Love through Jian Chen. Now that Anatta has already comprehended it to the limit, she should enter the Way of Heartlessness through Jian Chen. Since Jian Chen has already become Anatta’s fruit of ways, no one in the world can save him, as that would be equivalent to becoming Anatta’s mortal enemy.”

The Snow Goddess was left dazed for a very long while. Only afterwards did she murmur, “How is this possible…”

“Sister, you better let me seal away the memories of your reincarnation temporarily. You’ll forget Jian Chen and everything your reincarnation went through next. When you remember these memories again, everything will be over.” The Ice Goddess got to work, personally sealing away a portion of the Snow Goddess’ memories.


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“Is there really no other way?”

At the top of the Sword God Mountains on the Desolate Plane, the white-clothed Mo Tianyun stood beside the Celestial Sword Saint, casting his gaze out into the stars and speaking sternly.

The Celestial Sword Saint sat with his legs crossed, making tea in a leisurely manner. “No one can save him. Whether he can survive this crisis will be up to his own fortunes.”

“The twin swords have already been exposed. The experts of the Saints’ World have all gathered. Even the sovereigns of the Saints’ World have appeared. Does he really still have a chance at survival given how dire the situation is?” Mo Tianyun sighed gently.

The Celestial Sword Saint was completely unfazed. He said indifferently, “Who knows until you reach the final moments?”

“Sigh, it’s all my fault for noticing too late. It’s all my fault for not leaving an imprint on him too. Otherwise, even if he encountered danger, he would not have had to expose the twin swords, much less end up like this.” Mo Tianyun blamed himself a little. Now, the seven Saint Monarchs had gathered and the sovereigns of the world were all present. Even he felt deeply powerless over such a perilous situation.

The Celestial Sword Saint focused on brewing tea, saying in an unconcerned manner, “You did the right thing. If you left an imprint on Jian Chen, you might have harmed yourself in the end. He is fated to face a crisis. This crisis will occur sooner or later, except it was actually much sooner than I expected it to happen.”

“No one can help him with this crisis. The only thing we can do now is wait and see.”


At the same time, on a prosperous planet, Fang Jing wielded the Dominion’s Brush and did everything she could to conceal herself, hiding herself in the crowd as well. She was as cautious as she could be.

Sorry, senior Violet Heavens. I can’t help your successor,” Fang Jing thought sorrowfully. She was filled with a deep sense of powerlessness.

The sovereigns of the Saints’ World had gathered just within arm’s reach. Even with the Dominion’s Brush obscuring all of her presence, the air was filled with an invisible sharpness, leaving her frightened and on edge. She did not dare to move at all.

In the space surrounded by experts, the Ice and Snow Goddess left, while the Anatta Grand Exalt shone with hazy light as if the ways were manifesting. She stood in outer space, seemingly gazing at Jian Chen silently.

“Senior Anatta, Jian Chen is definitely the reincarnation of the old bastard Violet Heavens. Please kill this person and eliminate this potential source of trouble forever, senior.”

“Sovereign, please erase Jian Chen. Since he’s from the Immortals’ World, he obviously cannot be spared.”


At the back, the experts all spoke up. Right now, all of them understood why the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt refused to do anything. They also understood the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s qualms.

Jian Chen was actually the Snow Goddess’s younger brother, and the Snow Goddess clearly cherished him dearly, even offering up her own sovereign god artifact without hesitation.

Killing Jian Chen was offending the Snow Goddess. With the way the Snow and Ice Goddesses handled things, offending the Snow Goddess was equivalent to offending the Ice Goddess.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt obviously did not want to provoke the Ice Goddess.

Hmph, with his connection to the Ice Goddess, we would indeed have some second thoughts about killing Jian Chen, but now that the Anatta Grand Exalt is here in person, I refuse to believe the Ice Goddess is bold enough to provoke the Anatta Grand Exalt,” the Heaven Perceiving Saint Monarch of the Thousand Mechanisms clan thought.

Even in the past, the Anatta Grand Exalt was stronger than the Ice Goddess. Now that the Anatta Grand Exalt has comprehended four ways, the difference is even greater,” the Vengeful Heaven Saint Monarch of the Ancient Burial clan thought.

It was not just the two of them. Many other experts possessed the same thoughts. They all thought they already understood Jian Chen’s background.

For a moment, everyone’s gazes gathered on the Anatta Grand Exalt, including the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt.

Under everyone’s watch, the Anatta Grand Exalt finally took action. She strolled over like a mortal, approaching Jian Chen step by step at an extremely ordinary pace. As that happened, the light around her leapt violently. Even her presence became unstable.

At that instant, she had completely lost her imperturbable heart of coldness. Her emotions surged violently as her will swayed.

The Anatta Grand Exalt’s chaotic emotions even affected the ways in the space there, leaving them chaotic too.

At that instant, if they could peer through the light around the Anatta Grand Exalt, they would see her slender body trembling away controllably.

And this trembling intensified as she got closer to Jian Chen.

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