Chapter 3259: Confrontation
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3259: Confrontation

When he heard that, Jian Chen’s dim eyes narrowed slightly. He stared straight at the figure enveloped in wind and snow. His eyes gradually began to shine slightly. He was emotional.

However, when the other experts present heard that, their faces immediately changed. Malice rose up from them. Even several of the seven Saint Monarchs that were surrounded in blinding light changed in presence, becoming much sharper.

“Jian Chen has obtained the recognition of the twin swords. He’s no longer a person of the Saints’ World, but an enemy from the Immortals’ World. Snow Goddess, regardless of your relationship with him, you can’t take him away with you.”

“If this child is not eliminated today, he’ll definitely become a great source of trouble in the future, as it’s extremely likely for him to be the reincarnation of that old bastard Violet Heavens.”

“Snow Goddess, you may be very powerful, but you can forget about taking Jian Chen away with you. Even if he relinquishes the twin swords, it won’t be enough to save him.”


In outer space, the supreme experts all spoke up firmly, without any room for negotiation, expressing that they would not be backing down on this.

The people who spoke were all Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes. Two of them were even Saint Monarchs.

The Snow Goddess was very powerful. Combined with her eccentric personality, very few experts in the Saints’ World were willing to provoke her.

However, it was different this time. From a personal perspective, all of them bore a grudge. Killing the successor of the Violet Heavens Grand Exalt was equivalent to avenging their deceased friends and family.

From the bigger picture perspective, killing the successor of the twin swords was for the greater good of the Saints’ World. It would drastically weaken the Immortals’ World.

As a result, even when the Snow Goddess was renowned for being troublesome in the Saints’ World, no one chose to back down on this matter.

Wind and snow suddenly swept through outer space. The surrounding temperature plummeted at a terrifying rate. The Snow Goddess’s icy-cold voice rang out, “And what if I insist on taking Jian Chen away with me?”

As she said that, ice crystals began to spread through outer space as if the entire place had been frozen. Intense killing intent radiated from the ice at the same time.

Perhaps the bone-chilling killing intent was unable to influence Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, but the Eighth and Seventh Heavenly Layer experts could not help but shiver, instinctively backing away.

The Snow Goddess’s behaviour came off as extremely flagrant to all of the experts, wanting to take Jian Chen away because she had declared so. Even if she did not take other experts of the same cultivation seriously, there was still the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt here.

Even before two sovereigns, she was still bold enough to speak so madly. The experts of the Saints’ World witnessed the Snow Goddess’s pride and haughtiness once again.

“Snow Goddess, if I were to take action, do you still think you’re capable of taking Jian Chen away with you?” the Blood-clothed Saint Monarch of the Bai clan said. He spoke flatly, but it was filled with a sense of coldness.

With that, the Blood-clothed Saint Monarch took a step. His pressure as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime suddenly erupted, seizing the space there.

In particular, a red blade that seemed to be dripped in blood appeared over his head, giving off a startling presence.

The blood blade was a sovereign god artifact!

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“Regardless of whether Jian Chen gives up on the twin swords, he cannot leave here. If he happens to be the reincarnation of that old bastard, then he’ll be a colossal source of trouble to our world,” the Heaven Perceiving Saint Monarch of the Thousand Mechanisms clan also stood forward, completely disregarding how impressive Jian Chen’s background was. They stuck to the greater picture regarding this matter.

Among the seven Saint Monarchs present, two of them had already stood forward, confronting the Snow Goddess.

“There’s us too. Snow Goddess, do you really think you can stop all of us alone?”

Afterwards, Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes all stood forward one by one. Their presences surged.

For a moment, the surrounding atmosphere became very heavy. The Snow Goddess faced off against the entire group alone. Both sides were on the verge of battle, where one more dispute could set them off.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt both remained quiet. The current situation had already devolved into a bicker between juniors. They watched on from one side like seniors.

“You want to harass my younger sister? Why don’t you try it!”

At this moment, a bone-chilling voice rang out, and the surrounding temperature plummeted once more. A hazy figure enveloped in the Laws of Ice silently appeared.

With her appearance, the ways immediately shook. Everything fell silent. Even the origin energy that permeated outer space seemed to freeze. Including the seven Saint Monarchs, all of the experts felt like their ways had become sluggish.

The Ice Goddess of the seven Grand Exalts of the past had arrived. Her arrival led to an interference in the three thousand laws, making the expressions of all of the experts present change drastically.

“The Ice Goddess. It’s actually the Ice Goddess.”

“The Ice Goddess has actually returned.”

At this moment, all of the experts were shocked, including the seven Saint Monarchs. They paled and backed up far away.

Out of the seven Grand Exalts of the past, the one they feared the most was not the War God of the God clan who was the strongest, the Space-Time Elder, or the Anatta Grand Exalt, but the Ice Goddess of the Ice Goddess Hall!

“Ice Goddess, you’ve finally appeared,” the Bloodtear Grand Exalt said with some emotion.

Meanwhile, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt clasped his fist towards the Ice Goddess, greeting her as a junior.

They were both sovereigns of the world, but Overarching Heaven’s seniority was the lowest.

The Ice Goddess was cold and proud, ignoring Bloodtear and Overarching Heaven. Instead, she glanced past the experts present coldly. “If you want to face her alone, then even if my younger sister is defeated, that’s her fault. However, if you want to harass her with numbers, then you better not blame me for harassing you with my greater strength and overwhelming you all.”

With that, everyone could not help but shirk back, including the Blood-clothed Saint Monarch and the Heaven Perceiving Saint Monarch. They all fell quiet in submission, no longer bold enough to say anything more.

They had obviously lived for an extremely long time to be able to reach their cultivations. They possessed an extremely great understanding of the Ice Goddess’s personality. All of them were aware that if they continued to press her, or even utter another word, then they might actually be overwhelmed by the Ice Goddess.

Even the seven Saint Monarchs would not be spared!

Even if they were looking at this matter from the greater picture perspective with reason on their side, none of it mattered to the Ice Goddess.

Among all of the sovereigns of the Saints’ World, the Ice Goddess was the most unreasonable.

“Relinquish the twin swords and sever all ties you have with the Immortals’ World. Return to the Ice Goddess Hall with me!” The Snow Goddess spoke again. Her voice was cold, but it was definitely serious.

This time, all of the Grand Primes gathered here, including the Saint Monarchs, stayed quiet.

“Sigh!” The Ice Goddess enveloped in the Laws of Ice let out a glum sigh. “Sister, you shouldn’t have come.”

However, the Snow Goddess ignored her, just standing in front of Jian Chen and staring at him closely with her cold eyes hidden behind the wind and snow.

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