Chapter 3112: The Sovereign Returns
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3112: The Sovereign Returns

The sudden voice obviously came from Jian Chen. Shangguang Mu’er and he had already appeared beside Bi Yuntian silently.

However, focused on the painting, Bi Yuntian failed to sense them at all. She only treated it like another hallucination.

Who knew how many times auditory hallucinations like this had already occurred over the years. She had grown accustomed to it a long time ago.

However, the maidservants waiting outside the pavilion did not think it was a hallucination. When they heard the unfamiliar voice from behind them, they all shuddered inside and turned around suddenly. They immediately spotted Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er who had appeared unbeknownst to them.

“Madam, madam, look! L-l-look!”

When they made out Jian Chen’s appearance, the maidservants were all stunned. In the next moment, their eyes all widened, becoming filled with emotion and disbelief.

They were all juniors that had been born afterwards, so they had not lived through the age when Jian Chen was around. However, they were obviously familiar with the human sovereign of the past as maidservants of the Changyang clan, so they recognised him immediately.

Bi Yuntian could not help but develop some doubts when she heard their excited voices. She subconsciously turned towards them.

However, she immediately noticed Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er who stood silently beside her with that. She immediately blanked out on the spot.

Gazing at Bi Yuntian’s haggard face, Jian Chen felt a lump in his throat. He said gently, “Mother, I’m back!”

“Y-you-” Bi Yuntian stared straight at Jian Chen. Her body shook violently and uncontrollably as her lips trembled gently. She was overly excited, such that she had been rendered speechless.

“A-are- are- are you really Xiang’er? A-are you really Xiang’er?” Bi Yuntian said with a trembling voice. Her heart trembled violently as her eyes quickly moistened. Tears had already begun pouring down.

“Mother, it’s me. It’s really me. I’ve come back early to see you.” Jian Chen felt emotional as well inside.

The news of the human sovereign’s return was spread through the entire Changyang clan quickly, which immediately made the entire place surge with activity. Changyang Ba, who had retired many years ago and spent all of his time in secluded cultivation, emerged immediately.

It was not just him. Even the many senior members of the Changyang clan and experts of various levels that were in secluded cultivation all stopped cultivating without the slightest hesitation after receiving the news of Jian Chen’s return. They stopped everything they were doing to come and see the human sovereign.

Jian Chen’s formally-wedded wives, You Yue and Huang Luan, had also arrived before him with teary eyes and great excitement. They no longer cared about the situation, directly throwing themselves into his arms without any hesitation and bawling their eyes out.

It was as if the few centuries since Jian Chen’s departure was a parting of life and death to these two women who had waited arduously in the lower world.

After all, the Saints’ World was dangerous. Even with strength that could be regarded as invincible on the Tian Yuan Continent, they would only reside at the lowest level of the Saints’ World. They could die from the slightest carelessness.

As a result, while Jian Chen did say he would definitely return ten thousand years later when he first left, none of the people waiting in the lower world were actually confident they could see him again.

“Alright, alright. Stop crying. You’re both a Saint Emperor and an Origin realm expert after all. There are still so many people watching in the surroundings.” Jian Chen comforted Huang Luan and You Yue softly. After several centuries, You Yue had already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor.

As for Huang Luan, due to the fact that her talent was much better than You Yue’s, she had already become a late Receival expert with support of the vast quantity of resources. She was only a step away from the Returnance realm.

“Hahaha, my son-in-law, you’ve finally returned. During the several centuries you were gone, my Yue’er has basically been thinking about you night and day, such that she’s even lost her appetite!” The king of the Gesun Kingdom arrived at the Changyang clan as quickly as he could and let out a great laugh.

Due to this connection to Jian Chen, the king of the Gesun Kingdom had been forcefully elevated to Saint Ruler through resources despite not possessing a particularly great aptitude for cultivation, essentially extending his lifespan.

The news of the human sovereign’s return reached the ears of all the major organisations in the world with lightning speed, which led to a commotion. Without any exception, the strongest experts from all of these organisations personally set off, gathering over from every corner of the world like pilgrims.

For a moment, Lore City became extremely lively. Space Gates opened up one after another as Saint Emperors emerged from every single one of them. There were even Origin realm experts that silently appeared in the sky like they had teleported over.

But without any exception, everyone chose to enter Lore City by foot. No one dared to directly fly in.

That was because this was not only the human sovereign Jian Chen’s home and birth place.

It was also a place where Shangguan Aojian had stayed for an extended period of time.

As a result, the Changyang clan of Lore City had already become a holy land to the various organisations of the Tian Yuan Continent. No one dared to cause any offence here.

Over the next few days, an endless trickle of visiting organisations arrived every single day, including plenty of Jian Chen’s past acquaintances.

For example, Tianmu Ling of the Tianmu clan, Qin Xiao of the Tianqin clan, as well as many acquaintances from the sea realm.

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However, Jian Chen knew that his time was tight. He was uncertain when he would have to head off to the Xuanhuang Microcosm, so he left most of these visitors to be received by his father, Changyang Ba. He only met up with some of his acquaintances.

“Xiang’er, have you seen my girl, Mingyue, during the years you spent in the Saints’ World? Mingyue has already been gone for so many years, but even until now, I haven’t received any news about her. I don’t even know if she’s doing well in the Saints’ World or not.” Changyang Mingyue’s mother, Yu Fengyan, came to find Jian Chen as well, asking him for any information anxiously as tears flowed down her face as large droplets.

When he heard that, Jian Chen’s face hardened. At that moment, he could not help but think of his sister who was currently awakening the memories of the Snow Goddess in the miniature world on the Ice Pole Plane. It immediately filled him with a mixture of emotions.

“Second aunty, you don’t have to worry. I’ve already found my sister in the Saints’ World. She’s very well. She’s already become the holy maiden of a peak organisation in the Saints’ World, but due to a few reasons, she was unable to return with me this time,” Jian Chen told Yu Fengyan.

“Hahahaha, great grandson, I didn’t expect you to return so quickly. When you left, I even thought I’d never see you again. After all, the dangers and brutality of the Tian Yuan Continent cannot compare to the Saints’ World. Coming down from the Saints’ World is anything but easy too.” At this moment, the founding ancestor of the Changyang clan, Yang Lie, arrived as well. He laughed aloud with a face filled with delight, demonstrating his pride for him without any attempt to hide it.

He obviously was not alone. Beside him was Guihai Yidao who founded one of the ten protector clans a million years ago, as well as the ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion, Feng Xiaotian.

The three of them were all cultivators from the Saints’ World. They had only ended up on the Tian Yuan Continent due to an accident. In the past, they founded the ten protector clans before undergoing rebirth, only regaining their past memories several centuries ago.

The three of them had all reached Reciprocity by now!

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