Chapter 3051: Activity on the Prosper Plane
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3051: Activity on the Prosper Plane

“Sigh, the majority of the decade has already passed, but the Anatta Grand Exalt still hasn’t killed the Wind Venerable. Don’t tell me the Anatta Grand Exalt still hasn’t realised it?” A bone tower hovered alone in an unknown space within the Saints’ World. The Heartless Child paced around on the top of the bone tower in annoyance, filled with worry.

“Heartless, it’s only been a few years, and you’ve run out of patience again?” Before him, the illusionary leader of the Myriad Bone Guild was completely composed and unperturbed.

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“Each day the Wind Venerable remains alive is another day of uneasiness for me. It’s already been so many years since the Anatta Grand Exalt’s return, but there still hasn’t been any activity from the Anatta Grand Exalt at all. The longer we wait, the more uneasy I feel inside.” The Heartless Child was extremely restless. He was close to losing his cool.

The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild thought about it for a moment and said slowly, “Then let me ask you, did you make any careless slips during the process of sending Jian Chen to the Wind Venerable through the Azure Ink Grandmaster’s plan back then on planet Tianming?”

“No, definitely not. After all, this matter is of great significance, so how could I make any careless slips? All of the processes involved back then had been carefully monitored and checked by me. I even presided over the entire matter myself, so I can guarantee you that no accidents occurred,” the Heartless Child said with absolute confidence before continuing, “And soon after Jian Chen had left, the Wind Venerable’s energy had crossed through space and killed the Azure Ink Grandmaster mercilessly.”

“Elder brother, given your understanding of the kind of person the Wind Venerable is, do you think he’ll kill a Grand Prime over something like that?”

The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild shook his head. “The Wind Venerable has a kind heart. He does not commit crimes or sins. He rarely ever kills, only injuring them at most as a punishment.”

The Heartless Child said, “But back then, the energy from the Wind Venerable was so powerful that it could easily kill any early Grand Prime. For the Wind Venerable to do something like that, you can only say he was still in a deranged state of confusion. In that state, he recognises nobody. The only thing that occupies his mind is slaughter, so how can he spare Jian Chen who tried to steal the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways?”

“That’s why I’m certain that no mistakes happened at all. Everything went according to our plan.”

The guild leader sat there idly and said in an unconcerned manner, “Since there were no mistakes, then nothing can go wrong with this. Heartless, just listen to your elder brother. Settle down and wait patiently. The decade-long bet you set up earlier isn’t even over.”

Clearly, the guild leader’s words were not enough to comfort him. The Heartless Child stopped pacing around and could not help but say, “Big brother, I might as well pay a visit to the Wind Venerable’s hiding spot in person and take a look, just in case some accident beyond our expectations has occurred.”

The guild leader suddenly stiffened and directly replied with a forceful tone, “No, definitely not. It’s very easy for you to leave traces behind if you do that. After all, the Anatta Grand Exalt is still in this world. We can’t guarantee if he’s already laid his eyes on the Wind Venerable or not. If you go right now, you won’t be able to fool the Anatta Grand Exalt even if you hide yourself to the best of your ability. Once you leave behind traces or clues, then this will all just backfire.”

“Heartless, just wait patiently. The more important the situation is, the more patient and level-headed you need to be. You can’t lose your composure. You’ll only shoot yourself in the foot if you act rashly.”

However, as soon as the guild leader said that, the ways in the Saints’ World suddenly became disorderly. An extremely powerful presence, together with a supreme pressure, spread over from an extremely distant space across the entire Saints’ World.

The appearance of the pressure immediately made the guild leader and the Heartless Child narrow their eyes. They both stared at a certain region of space, and their gazes gradually lit up, filled with enthusiasm.

“It’s from the Prosper Plane. It’s from the Prosper Plane. Elder brother, do you sense it? The Anatta Grand Exalt has made a response. The Anatta Grand Exalt has finally responded!” The sudden occurrence made the Heartless Child connect it to something. The worry frozen on his face immediately vanished, and he danced around on the spot excitedly.

The guild leader stood up as well, saying in high spirits, “There’s finally activity from the Prosper Plane. The Anatta Grand Exalt who’s fallen silent for all these years has finally roused. Given how strong the pressure is, the Anatta Grand Exalt must’ve finally discovered his fruit of ways has been destroyed and is in a state of utter fury. Let’s just see how the Anatta Grand Exalt executes the Wind Venerable now.”

“Hahahaha, hahahaha, no matter how the Anatta Grand Exalt executes the Wind Venerable, he’s done for. We’ve waited far, far too long for this day.” The Heartless Child laughed aloud.

“Yeah, the Wind Venerable has always weighed on our minds like a mountain, posing a lethal threat to us at all times, such that we could never have any peace of mind. Now, he’s finally about to die. This day has finally come,” the guild leader murmured.

The Heartless Child extended a hand before the guild leader and grinned. “It hasn’t been a decade. Elder brother, you’ve lost. That’s something you’ll have to recognise. You can’t cheat your way out of this.”

With a flip of his hand, the guild leader took out a palm-sized jade bottle from his Space Ring. “I used several hundred types of impressive God Tier materials to brew this bottle of Divine Alcohol of Heaven’s Jasper. I’ve already kept it for ten million years. Normally, even I can’t bring myself to drink it. It’s all yours now, but don’t wolf it down. Not a lot remains. You’re not getting any more once you finish it.”

“Hahahaha, you’ve always viewed this Divine Alcohol of Heaven’s Jasper as a treasure, elder brother. Even getting a cup of it from you is quite an occasion normally, but look at it now, it’s all mine.” The Heartless Child was very excited. He immediately filled two jade cups and passed one to the guild leader. “Elder brother, what happens next is enough to be recorded in the annals of our Myriad Bone Guild, as it’s a special moment that can rewrite the fate of our Myriad Bone Guild. With how grand of a sight it is, the two of us should savour the Divine Alcohol of Heaven’s Jasper as we silently appreciate how the Wind Venerable meets his end.”

“Hehehe, that’s true, that’s true.”

At this moment, the sky over the Prosper Plane had already become filled by dazzling golden light. As the tremendous pressure swept out, all of the cultivators on the Prosper Plane knelt down on the ground in utter devotion. Even the Grand Prime ancestors of a few peak organisations emerged from secluded cultivation, bowing towards the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in excitement and respect.

That was because today was the first time the Anatta Grand Exalt had truly appeared before everyone again ever since vanishing over three million years ago!

In the centre of the Prosper Plane, the Anatta Grand Exalt was wrapped in the power of ways as his blurry and hazy figure hovered in the air.

The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng located beneath the Grand Exalt shone with blinding light as well. The light was so bright that not only did it envelope the entire plane, but it even reached far off into outer space. As such, the entire plane seemed like a blazing sun, illuminating the dark cosmos with blinding colour.

The terrifying power that had slumbered within the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng for all these years was currently awakening slowly, truly demonstrating its colossal might as a sovereign god artifact.

“Overarching Heaven, it’s time for us to set off now that Bloodtear has recovered from his wounds,” the Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice directly rang out in the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt and the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s ears.

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