Chapter 3052: Exposed
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3052: Exposed

A tremendous distance existed between the Prosper Plane, the Overarching Heaven Plane, and the Devour Plane, basically spanning most of the Saints’ World, but the Anatta Grand Exalt’s voice still reached the ears of the two other Grand Exalts perfectly fine.

At their cultivation, they were a representation of the heavenly ways. There was no distance to speak of even across an entire major world.

The moment the Anatta Grand Exalt finished what he was saying, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt appeared from within the Overarching Heaven clan. He wielded the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance that he had borrowed from the Spirit God clan. He was stern.

The Devour Plane had also suddenly lit up with red light as if a surging sea of blood had flooded the entire sky. The Bloodtear Grand Exalt emerged from the blood-red divine hall. With a wave of his hand, the divine hall rapidly shrank, turning into a streak of red light and vanishing into the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s body.

Hovering above the Prosper Plane, the Anatta Grand Exalt reached out with his hand, and the glowing Heavenly Palace of Bisheng beneath his feet immediately became illusionary. At the same time, a golden, fist-sized palace appeared in the Anatta Grand Exalt’s hand, having been shrunken countless times.

The true Heavenly Palace of Bisheng had already fallen into the Anatta Grand Exalt’s hands. What stood in its place had been constructed from a cluster of extremely pure energy.

Silently, the Anatta Grand Exalt had already moved all the people in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng into the structure of energy, taking away the sovereign god artifact.

In the next moment, the Anatta Grand Exalt, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt, and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt all vanished, having entered the chaotic space together.

This time, all three of them had brought sovereign god artifacts of endless might so that they could be regarded as geared to the teeth. Clearly, they were already prepared for a full-blown battle.

“Elder brother, how do you think the Anatta Grand Exalt will execute the Wind Venerable? Will he wipe him from existence in a straightforward manner or keep him alive temporarily so that he can torture him slowly and make him experience all the pain in the world before sending him off?” On the huge bone tower, the Heartless Child held the jade cup with a faint smile on his face, tasting the wonderful liquor as he paid attention to the Wind Venerable’s location.

The Wind Venerable was located extremely far away from them, with over a dozen great planes between them. However, when a Grand Exalt launched an attack wrathfully, the entire Saints’ World would be able to sense the terrifying power that resembled the heavenly ways.

“If I were the Anatta Grand Exalt, I’d never let the person who severed my way die so easily. I’ll definitely make him face all the torture in the world. Severing a way is an unforgivable deed,” the guild leader said steadily, “Though, I’m not the Anatta Grand Exalt. We’ll know very soon just how the Anatta Grand Exalt deals with the Wind Venerable. We only need to wait and see.”

The guild leader and the Heartless Child waited there quietly in anticipation.

But very soon, the two of them seemed to sense something. Their faces suddenly hardened.

“W- what’s going on? Why has the Anatta Grand Exalt suddenly left this world and entered the chaotic space again? I- i- isn’t he going to kill the Wind Venerable?” The guild leader’s voice was filled with surprise. The developments seemed to have deviated from the expected course of events.

“The Anatta Grand Exalt has actually left. I- is he just going to spare the Wind Venerable like this? Or has the Anatta Grand Exalt still not realised that his fruit of ways has been destroyed by the Wind Venerable?” The Heartless Child’s face changed rapidly, surprised and uncertain. He was filled with doubt and confusion.

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“No, something is off. Something is completely off. It shouldn’t be like this.” The guild leader was no longer in the mood to savour the Divine Alcohol of Heaven’s Jasper. He threw his jade cup at the ground extremely furiously and said with a sunken voice, “The Anatta Grand Exalt has already entered the chaotic space again. If his fruit of ways was destroyed, it would be impossible for him not to know. Something must have happened with regards to this.”

“Don’t tell me that Jian Chen didn’t die at the Wind Venerable’s hands at all and is still alive? No, that’s absolutely impossible.” The Heartless Child’s face was extremely sunken. He immediately began to peer into the events of the past, but he was unable to find anything regarding Jian Chen.

“Damn it, it’s all because of that mask from the expert of the Illusionary Daemon race. Don’t tell me the mask also possesses the ability to stop people from peering into the user?” For a moment, the Heartless Child became rather flustered. He felt extremely anxious, unable to stay in his seat.

“I’ll have my main body return immediately and personally investigate this!” the guild leader said with a darkened expression. As soon as he considered the possibility that Jian Chen had not died, he felt as frantic as ants dancing on hot rocks.

By now, he no longer cared if he would leave behind any unerasable traces. He was determined to take a look into this in person.

“Hold on!” At this moment, the Heartless Child seemed to think of something. His expression immediately changed. “I’ve suddenly remembered that a few years ago, I received a piece of news. Apparently, the Martial Soul lineage worked with the Rain Abbess to pay a visit to the Ice Pole Plane. They even clashed with the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Ice Pole Plane. Originally, something as insignificant as that is not worthy of our attention, so I didn’t really take it to heart. However, now that I think about it, the Martial Soul lineage actually went out of their way to provoke the Snow sect of the Ice Pole Plane. There must be something fishy going on.”

“The Martial Soul lineage?” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild frowned. He said sternly, “Jian Chen just happens to be the eighth successor of the Martial Soul lineage. When the Martial Soul lineage attacked the Snow sect back then, how many people appeared in total?”

“We need to look into this immediately!” The Heartless Child’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately passed an order to his subordinates.

Given the heights at which the Myriad Bone Guild stood at, nothing that happened on the Ice Pole Plane could catch their attention, so they never paid much attention to it, but now, they had to get to the bottom of this.

As a peak organisation of assassins, the Myriad Bone Guild obviously possessed an extremely great ability to gather intelligence. They were basically scattered across all the great planes and planets of the Saints’ World. If they did all that they could to investigate certain secrets, very few secrets could remain hidden from them given their all-penetrating ability to gather intelligence.

In just a single day, a report was delivered to the headquarters of the Myriad Bone Guild from the Ice Pole Plane in the fastest way possible, ending up in the hands of the Heartless Child and the guild leader.

The report was a jade slip containing a complete record of the battle that had occurred outside the Snow sect. Only certain scenes within formations or scenes that had been blocked off by secret techniques and abilities were completely missing.

Apart from these scenes, there was a very long text account, detailing the reasons behind the battle.

From beginning to end, not a single piece of news regarding Jian Chen had appeared in the report. Only seven people from the Martial Soul lineage had appeared. There was no sign of an eighth.

But even with that being the case, the guild leader and the Heartless Child still noticed someone who stood out like a sore thumb within the report, which was the great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi.

“He Qianchi actually entered the miniature world of absolute secrecy to check on the Snow Goddess’s reincarnation with the protector of the Ice Goddess Hall, Shui Yunlan?” The Heartless Child’s gaze was extremely frightening, and a terrifying killing intent radiated from him. He crushed the jade slip in a single stroke and ground his teeth. “This person definitely is not the great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan. It’s impossible for people of the Heavenly Crane clan to be so close to the people of the Ice Goddess Hall, let alone the reincarnation of the Snow Goddess.”

“The reincarnation of the Snow Goddess only seems to have appeared recently, and Jian Chen is less than a thousand years old. Most importantly, Jian Chen possesses the mask from the Illusionary Daemon race. He can disguise himself as anybody!”

The Heartless Child’s emotions fluctuated violently. He growled and said, “Once he puts on the mask, even I struggle to see through his disguise. Elder brother, seems like we need you to pay a visit to the Ice Pole Plane personally, as only those of the Ninth Heavenly Layer can see through the disguise of the mask and realise his true identity.”

“My main body is already returning from the chaotic space and heading to the Ice Pole Plane.” The guild leader was unable to remain as calm and relaxed as before. His facial features were blurred, but his cold voice alone made it quite easy to guess what he felt right now.

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