Chapter 3050 - A Basic Grasp Over the Way of Alchemy
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3050 - A Basic Grasp Over the Way of Alchemy

In the Heavenly Crane clan, a divine hall stood silently on the shimmering snow atop Soaring Snow peak within the forbidden grounds. Inside the divine hall, Jian Chen sat before a huge alchemy cauldron refining pills. Fragrances poured out immediately.

The fragrances came from a mixture of various heavenly resources, so it had the effect of concentrating the mind. A whiff of it could clear and refresh the mind.

Beneath Jian Chen was a circular piece of glazed jade. It seemed like a grindstone.

That was the Fortune God Jade. He sat on top of the Fortune God Jade, comprehending the Way of Alchemy as he refined pills. It was exactly because of the Fortune God Jade that Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Way of Alchemy advanced at an unbelievable rate.

His realm with the Way of Alchemy and his understanding of it was basically increasing with every moment.

Even though he still had not refined a proper low grade saint pill over all these years, he was getting closer and closer to this target.

I’ve already gained a basic grasp over the Laws of Alchemy. Every single saint pill and god pill I refine afterwards needs to be baptised with the Laws of Alchemy, such that every single pill is further refined by the power of laws. Only then can they become pills…” Jian Chen refined the pills as he closely recalled the various experiences that ancestor Lan had passed onto him.

At this moment, the cauldron before him suddenly began to give off thick, white smoke. The intense fragrance reached a peak as well.

Jian Chen understood that he had arrived at the most critical juncture of refining this cauldron of pills. The medicinal fluid converted from the materials of various functions had already merged together successfully. The next step was to refine the pill, as well as to nurture it with the Laws of Alchemy.

Immediately, the power of the Laws of Alchemy appeared out of nowhere, directly entering the cauldron like they had turned into wisps of fire. As the fluid solidified into pills, it rapidly carried out a further process of refinement.

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But at this moment, a rumble rang out. The cauldron of pills exploded extremely suddenly, and all the energy within the medicinal fluid was released instantly, forming a shockwave that shook up the cauldron.

This cauldron of pills had ended up in failure!

However, Jian Chen was unflustered. His heart was as placid as water, as who knew how many times he had failed already since he began refining pills. He had grown accustomed to this a long time ago.

“The issue this time has still occurred on the last step. The ball of medicinal fluid contains energy of various attributes, which either complement or conflict with one another. During the process of condensing them into pills, not only do I have to carefully control the stability of each type of energy, but I also have to maintain precise control over the intensity of flames during the final refinement and nurturing of the Laws of Alchemy. I have to ensure that it’s not even a little too much or too little.”

“This comes with experience. I need to learn from my constant failures.”

Jian Chen immediately understood the crux of the issue and shut his eyes, silently thinking through his experiences of failure before immediately cleaning up the residue in the cauldron and tossing in new materials to continue.

Nearby, the residue from failed pills had already piled up into a small mountain.

During these days of alchemy, who knew just how many heavenly resources Jian Chen had destroyed already. However, it was fortunate that all the pills he refined were low grade saint pills, so their requirements on the level of heavenly resources was relatively low. As such, they were extremely easy to gather. If he had been using high level heavenly resources instead, probably even peak clans could not support his wastage.

Afterwards, Jian Chen experienced a few more failures before finally refining a low grade saint pill successfully. Gazing at the thumb-sized green pill in his hand, he finally smiled slightly.

In his eyes, low grade saint pills were a type of trash that he could cast aside at any time. They were basically no different from rubbish to experts of his cultivation.

However, the successful refinement of the low grade saint pill symbolised an extremely great step forward with his Way of Alchemy.

Godking pills are supreme grade saint pills, so I only need to refine supreme grade saint pills, and that should be enough to refine Godking pills.” Jian Chen was unable to hold back his smile while being filled with anticipation on the inside.

Once he possessed the ability to refine Godking pills, he could venture to the Darkstar World again and obtain ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood, allowing him to break the curse on the Primeval Divine Hall.

According to his agreement with the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall, the artifact spirit would accept him as its master willingly once he broke the Primeval Divine Hall’s curse.

By then, he would truly be in possession of a sovereign god artifact, one that was drastically different from the twin swords and the Anatta Tower.

The twin swords and the Anatta Tower had both been in a damaged state, possessing less than one ten-thousandth of their full might. However, the Primeval Divine Hall was still in perfect shape.

Saint pills are divided into low, mid, high, and supreme grade, which correspond to the four realms of Godhood. The Laws of Alchemy belonging to a Deity can refine low grade saint pills.

The Laws of Alchemy belonging to a God can refine mid grade saint pills!

The Laws of Alchemy belonging to an Overgod can refine high grade saint pills!

If I want to refine supreme grade saint pills, I need to push my comprehension of the Laws of Alchemy to Godking.

Of course, this method of dividing up the levels isn’t absolute. After all, there have been some alchemists of exceptional talent. These talents have performed extraordinarily when they use certain special materials or cauldrons of higher qualities, allowing them to refine pills at a higher level than what they’re supposed to be capable of.

At the same time, refining some high grade saint pills of relatively higher refinement difficulty can also end in failure even in the hands of Godking alchemists that can already refine supreme grade saint pills.

As for god pills that are above saint pills, they basically can only be refined successfully once the Laws of Alchemy have reached the Primordial realm.

Jian Chen exhaled deeply and murmured to himself, “Looking at the time, I’ve already stayed at the Heavenly Crane clan for five years. Going from grasping the basics to refining supreme grade spirit pills, it took me a year. Going from supreme grade spirit pills to low grade saint pills took four years. This speed is already alarmingly fast. After all, I’ve paved my path through the Way of Alchemy step by step, through countless failures, unlike the other laws that I’ve grasped that were all increased by the golden cores of laws and the Spatial Insect Emperor’s beast soul.”

“However, the reason why I can progress so quickly is all thanks to the Fortune Jade Pedestal.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen gathered his focus and sat on the Fortune Jade Pedestal, continuing his comprehension of the Way of Alchemy and refining pills endlessly. He produced cauldron after cauldron of low grade saint pills. As the number of pills increased, as his comprehension of the Way of Alchemy rapidly increased, the quality of the saint pills he refined became better and better too. Their effects became stronger as well.

His achievements in alchemy were climbing at a steady pace.

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