Chapter 3029: The Ninth Majesty Arrives
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3029: The Ninth Majesty Arrives

A woman in white walked through the main entrance of the Overarching Heaven clan at a steady pace while a servant enthusiastically received her. 

The woman seemed to be in her thirties. Her bearing was elegant, giving off a mature charm. Her cultivation was at Chaotic Prime.

Even among archaean clans, Chaotic Primes were figures akin to great elders, possessing great status and authority.

However, she clearly was not the only one from the Violet Crepeflower clan. Behind her were several juniors from the same clan with varying strength. The weakest had only recently become a Deity, while the strongest was only a Godking. They all seemed slightly arrogant, looking down on everything.

Even when they had already done everything that they could to hide their arrogance the moment they set foot in the Overarching Heaven clan, they still gave off a natural sense of superiority unknowingly.

For a moment, the Violet Crepeflower clan’s arrival became the centre of attention. That was an archaean clan after all, a terrifying existence that many organisations could only look up to but never attain.

At the same time, this was also the first time that many of the representatives there had seen members of an archaean clan.

“Welcome, esteemed guests of the Dao clan.”

Soon after the arrival of people from the Violet Crepeflower clan, the host’s resonant voice rang out once again, filled with undisguised excitement.

Immediately, the Overarching Heaven clan burst into an uproar. Many people were shocked. The Dao clan was another archaean clan.

Among the eight great archaean clans of the Saints’ World, two had appeared here and now.

“Sigh, now that the Overarching Heaven clan has the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt, their status is vastly different. It makes perfect sense for the archaean clans to come and congratulate him…” A Grand Prime ancestor discussed softly among the guests.

The Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven was definitely a prominent figure of the Saints’ World, as well as a very senior expert in terms of status. He had remained at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime for over ten million years, but even with that being the case, the Overarching Heaven clan had still been one step short of the archaean clans.

The Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven did not have a Grand Exalt’s cultivation method, nor did he have a Grand Exalt’s god artifact. They were all Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, but he was much weaker compared to archaean clans that possessed a complete legacy.

But now, with the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven’s breakthrough, after he took that critical step, he immediately became a sovereign of the world that surpassed the archaean clans.

Afterwards, peak organisations after peak organisations renowned throughout the Saints’ World arrived to congratulate the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt. All of the organisations with Grand Primes from the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World were here. None of them missed out on this.

Even the people from the eight archaean clans were present.

“Hahahaha, our Overarching Heaven clan has failed to anticipate the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s arrival, so please forgive us if we’ve caused any offence.” At this moment, an old voice boomed out from the Overarching Heaven clan. As it resounded through the entire clan, it also echoed through the entire Overarching Heaven Plane.

At that moment, the noisy Overarching Heaven clan fell silent again, quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Even the descendants of the eight archaean clans seated towards the top became stern.

What astounded them was not the enthusiastic welcome from a Grand Prime ancestor of the Overarching Heaven clan, but the person who had arrived—the Nine Brilliance Star Lord!

The Nine Brilliance Star Lord was someone who stood at the very top. Not only was he a supreme expert at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, but he was also the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s disciple. His identity was so special and his strength was so great that he even surpassed the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven before he broke through.

He was definitely a prominent figure who could stir up the entire Saints’ World with a wave of his hand. 

A man in white robes emerged from the depths of the Overarching Heaven clan. He was a Grand Prime ancestor. He left the Overarching Heaven clan with a single step, personally receiving the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

Even when the eight archaean clans arrived, the Grand Primes of the Overarching Heaven clan had not personally received them, which only demonstrated the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s significance.

Above the Overarching Heaven clan, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord bathed in dazzling and resplendent starlight. The Way of Stars revolved around him, such that he seemed to have become the endless starry skies. No one could see his true appearance.

The Grand Prime of the Overarching Heaven clan accompanied him on the side in a friendly manner. He did not hide his respect towards him and clearly remained quite modest, politely inviting the Nine Brilliance Star Lord into the depths of the Overarching Heaven clan.

“Greetings, Nine Brilliance Star Lord!”

As the Nine Brilliance Star Lord flew over the Overarching Heaven clan, all of the guests gathered there stood up and bowed towards him with respect.

Even the descendants of the archaean clans were no exception.

Very soon, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord vanished with the Grand Prime. With their departure, the guests immediately erupted into an uproar. Many of the representatives gazed into the direction that the Nine Brilliance Star Lord had left in. They were filled with excitement.

To them, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord was a legendary figure of great importance. Let alone them, even their ancestors were not necessarily qualified to see him, yet they were actually fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of him today. Even though they did not see his true appearance, this was still an extremely exhilarating matter to them, enough for them to boast about for the rest of their lives.

“I didn’t expect that even someone as important as the Nine Brilliance Star Lord would come. This was well worth the trip to see a Grand Exalt’s disciple in person. After all, someone like that only exists in the legends.”

“A Grand Exalt’s disciple. Just thinking about it makes me envious.”



The guests all looked up to him in the Overarching Heaven clan.

At this moment, the host’s resonant voice rang out again, “Welcome, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng’s n- n- n- n- n- n- n-”

But this time, the host’s voice was not as fluid as before. He suddenly seized up as if someone had grabbed him by the throat. He was unable to complete the sentence no matter what.

“Even the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng has sent people, but what’s up with the host? N? N- what?”

“The host has actually made a mistake like this today, during a celebration that cannot allow the slightest disrespect. This’ll be a great mistake.”

“Hmph, what’s wrong with the host? Why has he become a stutter? Today is an unprecedented day of glory for our Overarching Heaven clan. The host has really embarrassed our clan for good.”

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“Find out who the host is immediately. He cannot be forgiven for making a mistake like that on such a solemn occasion.”

The host’s sudden stutter immediately made all of the guests and members of the Overarching Heaven clan frown.

At this moment, the host seemed to have taken in a deep breath before announcing loudly with a voice even more resonant than before, “Welcome, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng’s ninth majesty!”

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