Chapter 3028: The Overarching Heaven Plane
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3028: The Overarching Heaven Plane

Shui Yunlan began to form seals with her hands, and her lips moved rapidly in silence as if she was chanting something.

Even the energy in her body began to flow according to a special method.

Opening the gateway seemed to be an extremely complicated process that required the hand seals, the chanting, and a certain method of circulating energy. It was as if all three were necessary to create a key to the miniature world.

At the very least, that was the impression Jian Chen received with Shui Yunlan’s actions.

Several seconds later, Shui Yunlan suddenly erupted with an intense glow. The light immediately swallowed Jian Chen.

The light was extremely transient, gone after a single moment. However, when it vanished, Shui Yunlan and Jian Chen vanished too.

The spacious Ice Goddess Hall immediately fell silent.

However, the silence only lasted for five seconds before being broken again. Figures suddenly flickered through the empty space. Some of them had already arrived.

The three relatively familiar figures were the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect, ancestor Qi Feng of the Chillwind sect, and ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan.

Apart from the three of them, there were five other experts who had never shown themselves in the Snow sect.

They all happened to be mid Grand Primes without any exceptions, above the Fourth Heavenly Layer in other words.

They were all the strongest ancestors of some peak organisation on the Ice Pole Plane. It was exactly because of their existence that their respective organisations could rank within the top ten on the plane.

As soon as the Icecloud Founding Ancestor appeared, she extended her slender hand, and the power of ways flowed through it, wiping the space there gently. She wiped away all the traces and presences lingering in the space there, clearly covering up for Shui Yunlan one last time.

“No one is allowed to search this place, or it’s disrespect to the Snow Goddess as well as treachery to the Ice Goddess Hall!” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor said coldly. Her gaze scanned past the ancestors of the five organisations slowly.

“That’s right. Anyone who tries to search here is harbouring ill intentions!”

“We’ve come to ensure that Shui Yunlan leaves here safely, just in case any accidents happen.”


The ancestors of the five organisations all stated their intentions. It was completely impossible to tell whether they were sincere or putting on an act.

“Though, I am curious about why He Qianchi of the Heavenly Crane clan can see the Snow Goddess with Shui Yunlan.” Ancestor Qi Feng’s eyes shone with a strange light as he stared straight at ancestor Lan. He asked, “I wonder if ancestor Lan could dispel our doubts? Who exactly is the person disguised as He Qianchi of your Heavenly Crane clan?”

“And just a few days ago, when we gathered outside the Snow sect, Shui Yunlan originally planned on reuniting with her dear sister that she had not seen in many years, yet she suddenly changed her mind at that moment. Looking at it now, it’s all because of He Qianchi, isn’t it? This He Qianchi isn’t the same He Qianchi as the one from your Heavenly Crane clan either, but an outsider in disguise. Ancestor Lan, am I correct?”

Ancestor Qi Feng spoke calmly and gently, like a benevolent old man who only wanted to know the truth. However, extremely deep killing intent was hidden away in his heart.

His plan was just about to succeed, only for Shui Yunlan to abruptly change her mind. Even back then, ancestor Qi Feng had already sensed that something was amiss. Looking at it now, all of that had happened because of this “He Qianchi”.

Ancestor Lan glanced at ancestor Qi Feng deeply and said with her wonderful voice, “Ancestor Qi Feng, don’t you feel that there are a little too many matters you’re trying to stick your nose into? Shui Yunlan can be described as the Snow Goddess’s only representative now. The likes of us cannot easily judge anything she does.”

“Hahaha, naturally, naturally. I’m not judging anything. I’m only a little curious.” Ancestor Qi Feng laughed it off. Shui Yunlan was far too sensitive of a topic to talk about right now, so there were a few conversation topics that he could not discuss too much about.

The two ancestors watching over the Chillwind sect sat in the forbidden grounds. Extremely profound glyphs hovered around them.

They were solemn, rapidly producing hand seals and using secret techniques as if they were trying to find something with the formation’s assistance.

This process lasted for fifteen minutes. The glyphs hovering around them gradually dimmed, and the two ancestors slowly opened their eyes. They were both disappointed.

“Sigh, the Snow Goddess’s hiding spot is truly well-hidden. It can evade all of our searching methods. We’ve completely lost contact with all of the imprints we’ve left in the resources.”

“That’s to be expected. Though, it is fortunate that the imprints we left are extremely well-hidden and will automatically disperse as time goes on. We don’t have to worry about being exposed.”


With Jian Chen and Shui Yunlan’s departure, Hun Zang did not remain on the Ice Pole Plane. He flew towards the mountain soul in outer space.

At this moment, the Rain Abbess appeared before Hun Zang silently. She was dignified and graceful, just like a noble madam.

When she faced Hun Zang, she did not conceal herself at all, completely exposing herself to him.

But at this moment, the Rain Abbess stared off in the direction of the Ice Pole Plane. There was a smear of solemnity on her face for once. She said, “The Ice Pole Plane is a place of lurking experts. It’s not as simple as it seems on the surface.”

Hun Zang narrowed his eyes. “Did you discover something?”

The Rain Abbess nodded. “There’s another expert hidden away on the Ice Pole Plane. His strength is anything but normal. If he did not go out of his way to spy on me, I probably would not have even detected his existence. But even with that being the case, I failed to find where this person was hiding.”


The Overarching Heaven Plane was one of the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World. Actually, the plane bore another name a long time ago. However, with the rise of a supreme expert whose name echoed through the Saints’ World, the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven, its name was changed to the Overarching Heaven Plane.

The Overarching Heaven Plane was named after the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven, while the Overarching Heaven clan that the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven resided in was obviously the greatest organisation there.

Now, the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven had broken through, successfully setting foot in the domain of Grand Exalts and becoming an existence akin to the heavenly ways. As such, the Overarching Heaven clan immediately shot up to the very top, becoming a supreme organisation across the entire Saints’ World.

The ranking of the Overarching Heaven clan rapidly rose up because of this, becoming something that could rival the seven sacred planes.

The Overarching Heaven Plane had been extremely lively as of lately. Numerous spatial battleships docked in the space beyond the Overarching Heaven Plane, as well as colossal divine halls that hovered in the sea of stars. It was an extraordinary sight.

The spatial battleship and divine halls all originated from the numerous organisations from across the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World. They had traversed the very depths of the sea of stars with rich gifts to congratulate the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven.

In order to express their respect for the Overarching Heaven clan, the organisations all docked their spatial battleships in outer space before personally venturing to the Overarching Heaven clan.

The Overarching Heaven clan was in a festive state, enthusiastically welcoming the guests from all over the realm. The resonant voice of the host constantly rang out, announcing the arrivals of the great organisations.

Across the Saints’ World, the only organisations qualified to congratulate the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt were the peak organisations who stood at the apex of a plane with Grand Primes.

The organisations without Grand Primes did not even have the right to congratulate his achievements.

“Welcome, the Float Empire and the Myriad Water Estate from the Jadefluid Plane. They have gifted five high grade divine fruits and twelve high grade God Tier pills.”

“Welcome, the Heaven’s sect of planet Cangmang. They have gifted three taels of high grade God Tier materials.”

“Welcome, the Hao family of the Prosper Plane. They have gifted three high grade divine fruits and ten high grade God Tier pills.”

“Welcome, the Snow sect, the Chillwind sect, and the Heavenly Crane clan of the Ice Pole Plane. They have gifted…”


Even at worst, the people who had come to congratulate the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt were led by a Chaotic Prime great elder. Some of the organisations even had their ancestors personally lead the way.

As the experts converged in the Overarching Heaven clan from all directions, the clan became filled with guests. The experts that had gathered there had already reached an astounding number.

“Welcome, esteemed guests of the Violet Crepeflower clan.”

At this moment, the host’s voice suddenly became elated. As the name of the clan rang out, all of the guests in the Overarching Heaven clan fell silent immediately. Their gazes all gathered at the entrance, filled with undisguised envy and respect.

The Violet Crepeflower clan was one of the eight archaean clans, a tremendous organisation that truly stood at the apex. They were also publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest organisations beneath Grand Exalts.

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