Chapter 3004: The Heavenly Crane Clan’s Decision
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3004: The Heavenly Crane Clan’s Decision

The seven other successors of the Martial Soul lineage could not help but look at each other when they saw Hun Zang’s irregular expression. They were all surprised and uncertain.

They had known Hun Zang for all this time, but they had never seen him with an expression like that.

The seven successors all stayed put. Their gazes all gathered on Hun Zang, unable to hide their concern and worry for him.

Hun Zang’s expression made the thoughts of these clueless successors wander. They thought of various negative matters.

Had he failed to find a powerful ally?

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Had he been mocked or insulted?

Or had the other party put forward some kind of unreasonable demand?

In short, the change in Hun Zang’s mood after returning sent a negative signal to the other successors. They could not help but fall into a protective rage for Hun Zang as they worried for him inside.

Jian Chen glanced past the other people and sighed gently. “Senior brothers and sisters, just leave the matter of the Snow sect to me to deal with. The Snow sect might be very powerful, but it’s not like I’m helpless against them.”

“Eighth junior brother, what are you saying?”

Hun Zang immediately glared at Jian Chen with what he had said, but he also noticed there was something wrong with everyone else’s expressions at this moment, so he immediately realised his irregularities had led to misunderstandings.

Hun Zang sucked in a deep breath and dismissed his mixed feelings. He said, “Stop wondering. Don’t worry, I’ve already found an expert who’ll keep the Icecloud Founding Ancestor busy.”

“If that’s the case, why are you still so glum, first senior brother? You even made us think you had just suffered some kind of injustice, making us worry,” Su Qi grumbled.

“Hehe, you’ve been overthinking. I only recalled some matters of the past, which made my mind fluctuate a little. C’mon, let’s activate the power of the mountain soul. We’ll go to the Ice Pole Plane right now,” said Hun Zang.

“Right now? First senior brother, where is the expert you invited? Aren’t they going to come with us?”

“Don’t worry about her. She’ll come.” Hun Zang was reluctant to go into detail about this. Afterwards, he immediately controlled the power of the mountain soul with the other successors and crossed through the distant space, returning to the Martial Soul Mountain.

After returning to the mountain, they immediately gathered the mountain soul’s power again to teleport them to the Ice Pole Plane.

The power of the mountain soul could only offer them one return trip with teleportation. If they wanted to teleport again, they had to return to the Martial Soul Mountains and condense new power.

Under Jian Chen’s request, the mountain soul did not appear on the Ice Pole Plane directly. Instead, it appeared in a region of space extremely distant from the Ice Pole Plane. Afterwards, Jian Chen left the mountain soul alone and headed to the Ice Pole Plane.

Although Hun Zang had already found a supreme expert who could hold off the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, it was nowhere near enough if he wanted to contend against the Snow sect, as the Snow sect had another Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime apart from the Icecloud Founding Ancestor.

As a result, he needed to find even more allies. Only then would he have even greater confidence in overwhelming the Snow sect and saving Shui Yunlan through force.

Very soon, Jian Chen appeared on the Ice Pole Plan. Then, he proceeded straight to the Heavenly Crane clan without even stopping.

At the same time, ancestor Lan had already gathered the two other ancestors of the Heavenly Crane clan, ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian. She told the two of them about how an expert of the Snow sect had captured Shui Yunlan without holding back any details.

“Right now, Shui Yunlan is the only one who knows the whereabouts of the Snow Goddess. Having suddenly captured Shui Yunlan, the Snow sect has already clearly stated their intentions. Now is the time for our Heavenly Crane clan to make its decision. Do we just stand by and watch as the Snow Goddess’s reincarnation suffers at the hand of the Snow sect? Or do we strike decisively and save Shui Yunlan from the Snow sect?” ancestor Lan said expressionlessly. Her beautiful voice was filled with bone-chilling coldness, as if it could seal up the land in frost.

Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian became extremely stern with that. They fell into a very long silence before ancestor Shi, who had the appearance of an old man, spoke up, “But it’s no different from grossly overestimating ourselves if we try and contend against the Snow sect given our strength. After all, the three of us only stand a chance against Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Primes after we’ve ingested Ancestral Blood pills and if we unleash a formation together. On the other hand, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor alone possessed the battle prowess of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. The Snow sect doesn’t just have the Icecloud Founding Ancestor either. They have three other Grand Primes. The difference in strength is so great, so how will we ever stand a chance against the Snow sect?”

Ancestor Tian nodded in agreement with what ancestor Shi said. He said solemnly, “That’s correct. We’ll only be digging our own graves if we try to fight the Snow sect given our strength. We’re more than willing, but we’re limited by our circumstances unfortunately.”

“In other words, the two of you plan on standing by?” ancestor Lan asked casually.

Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian exchanged glances before both staring at ancestor Lan. They asked, “Ancestor Lan, you mean?”

Ancestor Lan gazed into the distance. She sighed gently, “The Ice Pole Plane has already been chaotic for long enough. Even the Hefeng clan that was on par with us in strength faced destruction during these years of chaos. If this continues, there’ll probably be a day in the future when our Heavenly Crane clan follows the Hefeng clan’s footsteps as well.”

“After all, our Heavenly Crane clan is already facing the threat of the Heaven’s sect. Once that person of the Heaven’s sect breaks through to the Seventh Heavenly Layer, they can attack us at any time. Although the Ancestral Blood pills we’ve refined from the Soil of Divine Blood can bestow us with the strength to contend against the Seventh Heavenly Layer, we’re still depending on external items at the end of the day. Ancestral Blood pills are consumable too. Once we run out of Ancestral Blood pills, how will we stand a chance against the Seventh Heavenly Layer?”

“Our Ice Pole Plane needs a supreme expert far too greatly. Since the Snow Goddess’s reincarnation has appeared, that’s a fantastic opportunity. Once the Snow Goddess returns, all of the turmoil on our Ice Pole Plane will be resolved in the process. Once we have her majesty the Ice Goddess, the Heaven’s sect won’t even think of making trouble with the Ice Pole Plane even if they were a hundred times bolder.”

“And the Flame Reverend too. He’ll stop being a threat.”

With that, both ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian fell silent. They understood that ancestor Lan’s words were correct. Once the Ice Pole Plane had the Snow Goddess, then they would recover the same peace as the past after several million years of turmoil.

On the contrary, if the Ice Pole Plane remained chaotic and the reincarnation of the Snow Goddess suffered a diabolical fate, then no one would know just how many more great upheavals would occur on the Ice Pole Plane.

Among these great upheavals, none of them could predict whether the Heavenly Crane clan would come to an end.

However, as soon as they remembered the Snow sect’s strength, the two of them became fearful.

Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian could not even see the faintest hope against the Snow sect.

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