Chapter 3005: Seen Through
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3005: Seen Through

Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian fell into a very lengthy silence. They seemed to be extremely conflicted inside. During that time, they constantly exchanged glances and shared their opinions secretly. In the end, as if they had made some kind of decision, they both looked at ancestor Lan and said with difficulty, “Little Lan, you can decide this matter. We’ll listen to whatever you decide. If you insist on opposing the Snow sect in order to protect the Snow Goddess, we’ll both support you.”

“That’s right. Little Lan, you can decide whether our Heavenly Crane clan goes to war or not, as what you’ve said is very reasonable. Our Ice Pole Plane requires either the Ice Goddess or the Snow Goddess to achieve complete peace. Otherwise, let alone our Heavenly Crane clan, even the Snow sect might suddenly meet its end one day like the Hefeng clan. Despite being a peak organisation that has existed for countless years, weren’t they still wiped from the world like they stood no chance?” ancestor Tian said. As soon as he thought of the Hefeng clan’s fate, he sighed inside, feeling sympathy for their fate.

Because of the Ice and Snow Goddesses eccentricity, they had no friends, much less allies, in the Saints’ World. As such, no one assisted them during their current trouble.

However, some of the native organisations were still willing to go to war for the Ice and Snow Goddess, to go through fire and water for them.

The Heavenly Crane clan was clearly one of them.

After ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian expressed their thoughts, ancestor Lan instead fell quiet. Her eyes flickered away as she considered the situation.

She understood that her next decision would affect the fate of countless clansmen in the Heavenly Crane clan. It would also affect the fate of the clan itself.

If she mishandled it, then the Heavenly Crane clan would probably follow the Hefeng clan’s footsteps very soon.

At this moment, ancestor Lan suddenly thought of Jian Chen. She could not help but wonder, “How is he going? If he can get the Empyrean Demon Lord on his side, then it’ll be more than enough to deal with the Snow sect given the Empyrean Demon Lord’s strength. Right now, all we lack is a supreme expert who can contend against the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect.

However, as soon as she had thought of that, ancestor Lan’s expression suddenly changed. She had already sensed that Jian Chen had returned despite leaving just earlier.

“Ancestor Shi, ancestor Tian, please wait a moment. I’ll be right back!” Ancestor Lan took her leave with that.

On the Soaring Snow peak of the three great ancestral peaks of the Heavenly Crane clan, Jian Chen met with ancestor Lan once more after disguising himself again.

“Yang Yutian, have you achieved anything this time? Has the Empyrean Demon Lord agreed to help you out?” Ancestor Lan directly asked away as soon as she saw Jian Chen.

Although the senses of ancestor Lan’s soul could easily envelope the entire Ice Pole Plane and even extend off into outer space, no one had the leisure to maintain the senses of their souls at all times, as that would only lead to pointless exhaustion. As a result, she had no idea Jian Chen had already left the Ice Pole Plane once in such a short time.

“The Empyrean Demon Lord is preoccupied.” Jian Chen shook his head.

Ancestor Lan immediately became disappointed with that. Without the Empyrean Demon Lord to keep the Icecloud Founding Ancestor busy, it would be almost impossible for their Heavenly Crane clan to protect the Snow Goddess.

However, ancestor Lan discovered very soon that something was off about Jian Chen’s expression. Her eyes immediately twinkled. “Seeing how calm you are, you must have achieved something else?”

Jian Chen smiled faintly and clasped his fist. “You’ve guessed correctly, ancestor Lan. I might not have recruited the Empyrean Demon Lord, but I have recruited another powerful ally. The Icecloud Founding Ancestor already has an expert to keep her busy.”

“Who?” Ancestor Lan’s eyes immediately exploded with interest. Her gaze towards Jian Chen bore a smear of disbelief.

In the next moment, the senses of an extremely powerful soul radiated from ancestor Lan, enveloping the entire Ice Pole Plane in a single moment. After sweeping across the entire plane once, it directly pierced through the sky and extended towards the cosmos beyond the Ice Pole Plane.

The senses of ancestor Lan’s soul were extremely powerful. It reached all the way to the depths of the sea of stars before discovering something. Her expression changed slightly before all the senses of her soul immediately rushed back like the tide, having been withdrawn.

“The Martial Soul lineage? I’ve actually found traces of the Martial Soul lineage in outer space?” Ancestor Lan stared at Jian Chen in interest. “You’ve recruited the people of the Martial Soul lineage?”

Jian Chen also became shocked. The mountain soul’s location was extremely distant from the Ice Pole Plane. He never thought ancestor Lan could still detect it from so far away.

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Just how powerful were the senses of ancestor Lan’s soul?

However, since she had seen through it, there was no point in hiding it any more. Jian Chen directly admitted to it. “That’s right. The Martial Soul lineage will be directly participating in the rescue operation.”

Ancestor Lan’s gaze became extremely deep. She gazed at Jian Chen deeply and said slowly, “The status of the Martial Soul lineage is extremely special in the Saints’ World. They’re not powerful, but they can appear and disappear elusively anywhere in the Saints’ World through the Martial Soul mountain, so most organisations are reluctant to offend this special group of people if they do not have any particularly large grievances.”

“However, the Martial Soul lineage would never provoke those tremendous organisations that they can’t afford to provoke without good reason either. They will never do it even in the face of tremendous remuneration. Their lineage is very special. Their demand for the various items of the Saints’ World is nowhere near as great as other cultivators. The Martial Soul mountain is what they truly depend on.”

“As a result, even with all the rare items you’ve obtained from the Darkstar World, it’s impossible for you to recruit the Martial Soul Mountain and make them oppose the Snow sect whose strength far surpasses theirs. That’s no different from walking to their own demise for the Martial Soul Mountain.”

“According to my understanding of the Martial Soul Mountain, the only time when they will throw themselves at an enemy even stronger than them, without any regard for their own lives, is when one of their successors faces life-threatening danger. That’s also the only moment when all the successors of the Martial Soul lineage will provide support without the slightest regard. Even when they know it’ll only result in death, they won’t care…”

Reaching there, ancestor Lan paused. She let out a deep sigh. “The Martial Soul lineage is a strange lineage, as well as a lineage completely beyond reason in the eyes of numerous experts of the Saints’ World. Throughout the history of the Saints’ World, the Martial Soul lineage has been exterminated several times, but it was actually possible for them to avoid many of these incidents. In the end, just because they refused to give up on any of their successors, their lineage was broken.”

Ancestor Lan’s gaze suddenly sharpened as if she could stare through souls. “Yang Yutian, should I call you Jian Chen? Or should I continue to refer to you as Yang Yutian?”

“Don’t try to weasel your way out of here. You’re able to recruit the Martial Soul lineage, which can only mean you’re also a member of the Martial Soul lineage…”

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