Chapter 3003: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (Three)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3003: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (Three)

The Rain Abbess’s eyes were also filled with reminiscence. She stared straight at Hun Zang and said, “Ever since then, we spent every moment together, like each other’s shadows. If there were enemies, we fought them together. If there was danger, we faced it together. If there was fortune, we enjoyed it together. Even if there was death, we would… perish… together.”

“Through countless years, we experienced wind and rain together and survived who knew how many disasters and hardships. We had also once stepped over the corpses of countless enemies, hand in hand…”

“Over all these years, we never argued even once. We never had any disputes, as I listened to whatever you said. I never doubted you or disagreed with you. If you went east, I would never go west…”

“Only afterwards did I realise that the emotions we developed through countless years of wind and rain, through many brushes with death, were actually worth nothing to you…”

“You actually cast aside these feelings without the slightest hesitation for a Martial Soul Mountain, for the group of successors on the Martial Soul Mountain that you’ve never met and you don’t even know the backgrounds and pasts of.”

“Fan Yun, is this how you’re going to pay me back?” Translucent tears filled the Rain Abbess’ eyes. She was grief-stricken.

Hun Zang’s expression was extremely mixed. There was a deep sense of guilt. “Fu Yu, I haven’t forgotten for even a moment that I was only able to go from the child who almost starved to death in the hamlet to where I am today because of your help. However, you can’t always get what you want. My duty forces me to make another choice, which is to protect Martial Soul Mountain and ensure that the Martial Soul lineage continues.”

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The Rain Abbess seemed to be deeply triggered by that. Powerful presence suddenly erupted from her. She roared at Hun Zang with fury and grief, “Martial Soul Mountain, Martial Soul Mountain. Only the Martial Soul Mountain exists in your eyes. If that’s the case, why don’t you piss off back to your Martial Soul Mountain?”

With a wave of her hand, fierce winds immediately began whistling through the surroundings. A tremendous energy suddenly surged forth with unstoppable force, launching Hun Zang away effortlessly.

The Rain Abbess had already disappeared by then.

Hun Zang stabilised himself several hundred kilometers away. He was pained as he said to the empty air, “I know you hate me very much inside, but there’s something that I have to shamelessly come and find you for. Our Martial Soul lineage requires your assistance.”

Hun Zang did not receive a reply. Actually, he was already almost a thousand kilometers away from the border of the Cloudsurge Empire.

However, Hun Zang continued, “Our Martial Soul lineage is about to face the greatest organisation of the Ice Pole Plane, the Snow sect, in a vicious battle. The Snow sect is so powerful that it’s guaranteed defeat for our Martial Soul lineage, so I wanted to…” Reaching there, Hun Zang faltered. After a moment of hesitation, as if he had made up his mind, he said, “Whatever. The current me is no longer qualified to ask you to help out. Our Martial Soul lineage will deal with this matter ourselves.” Determination filled Hun Zang’s eyes. With that, he turned around to leave without lingering around for even a moment longer.

He left extremely decisively and straightforwardly, without any reluctance. There was only determination!


With a thump, Hun Zang’s figure appeared again. He seemed to have run into an invisible barrier, completely bouncing back.

The space where he resided had already been sealed up before he knew it. Extremely powerful Laws of Space restrained the region, turning it into a prison.

The Rain Abbess appeared silently before Hun Zang. At that moment, her face was completely sunken. Even her eyes shone in a threatening manner. She seemed extremely terrifying.

“What are you planning to do?” the Rain Abbess asked. She had basically asked that through gritted teeth, squeezing out each syllable. She had firmly clenched her smooth, fair hands as her entire body shook gently, clearly already utterly furious.

In particular, her gaze was terrifying, seeming as if she was about to kill someone.

She understood Hun Zang all too well. She could already tell what Hun Zang planned on doing next from what he said, which immediately set off her fury. It made her livid.

“Another one of your successors has some conflict with the Snow sect, so you plan on sending yourself to your own doom by confronting the Snow sect like a moth to a flame?” The Rain Abbess’ voice was extremely cold, filled with undisguised hatred.

“Our Martial Soul lineage is one whole. There is no you or me. The matter of any successor is the matter of the entire Martial Soul lineage. Any of their enemies is also our entire Martial Soul lineage’s enemy…” Hun Zang said in a forthright manner.

“The Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect can take on a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime in battle. Your Martial Soul lineage is simply walking to its own death,” the Rain Abbess said coldly.

“I know, but I’ve said that our Martial Soul lineage is one whole. We will never just stand by and watch any of us die. If the need arises, we’ll even stop them, but this isn’t something we can stop, as I can already tell that this junior brother of mine is ready to cast his life aside.”

“Since that’s the case, all our Martial Soul lineage can do is provide him with our full support,” said Hun Zang.

The Rain Abbess said nothing. She only stared straight at Hun Zang, without looking away for even a moment. Her fury seemed to freeze up.

A while later, as if she had lost all of her strength, all of the presence the Rain Abbess had amassed suddenly vanished. With a face full of loneliness and solitude, she staggered through the air, walking past Hun Zan at a steady pace. She made her way off into the distance step by step, vanishing into the territory of the Cloudsurge Empire in the end. Only a voice filled with endless sorrow and great disappointment lingered in the air.

“You can go…”



In a region of space extremely distant from the Delight Plane, the mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain hovered silently. The seven successors waiting there were bored to death, voicing their curiosities.

“Hey, hey, hey, what do you think first senior brother is thinking? He’s told us to wait here, while he himself has vanished off to who knows where. What’s this all about?” Su Qi played around with a branch in her hand out of boredom and asked the people beside her.

“First senior brother probably knows some supreme expert, and the supreme expert is hidden nearby. First senior brother has probably left to invite this supreme expert to fight with us,” Chu Jian said, voicing his guess.

“First senior brother knows a supreme expert, and he’ll hide it from us? He’s not loyal to us at all.” Su Qi pouted, extremely displeased with this.

“Enough, junior sister. Stop grumbling about first senior brother. Perhaps first senior brother has something painful that he cannot disclose, or perhaps the supreme expert is unsociable and doesn’t want any more people knowing. Anyway, we have to believe in first senior brother. No matter what happens, we have to believe in him,” Yue Chao said seriously. 

“This place is quite close to the Delight Plane,” Jian Chen’s voice suddenly rang out. He checked the star chart against the surrounding landscape and grasped their location very soon.

“The Delight Plane? Don’t tell me that first senior brother has gone to the Delight Plane?” Qing Shan was surprised and blurted that out subconsciously.

Jian Chen said nothing. He simply stared off into the direction of the Delight Plane in thought.

“Probably not. The greatest expert of the Delight Plane, the Rain Abbess, is only a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. She might stand a chance against the Sixth Heavenly Layer, but she definitely can’t hold off the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect.” Bai Rufeng rejected that thought.

Soon after Bai Rufeng had finished talking, a figure suddenly flickered in the distance. Very soon, Hun Zang returned to the mountain soul.

“First senior brother, just where did you go? Did you find some powerful reinforcements already…”

The successors of the Martial Soul lineage immediately began questioning Hun Zang as soon as he returned.

However, Hun Zang was reluctant to go into detail. He said, “Stop asking. C’mon, let’s go straight to the Ice Pole Plane!”

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