Chapter 3002: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3002: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (Two)

Hearing the Rain Abbess’s mocking words, Hun Zang’s expression became even more mixed, together with indescribable powerlessness.

He sighed gently with a multitude of emotions. “How can you say that?”

“How can I say that?” The Rain Abbess interrupted Hun Zang suddenly. Her eyes that were filled with mixed emotion became slightly sharp and cold. She sneered and said, “You’ve come to find me, yet you refuse to go through the main door. Instead, you wait here silently for me to come and see you?”

“Looks like your identity really has become special after becoming the greatest member of the Martial Soul lineage. You’ve become even more aloof than before. The esteemed status of being the greatest member of the Martial Soul lineage has already made you scorn the idea of setting foot in this tiny empire.”

The Rain Abbess turned around and glanced at the Cloudsurge Empire behind her. Her gaze seemed to pierce through space, taking in everything that the greatest organisation on the Delight Plane had to offer. Afterwards, she sighed gently. “Yeah, only the boundless sea of stars exists in the eyes of your Martial soul lineage. The land behind me is truly too small. It truly is nowhere near enough to accommodate you.”

“Fu Yu, why must you mock me like this? You should know that I bear a special duty as a successor of the Martial Soul lineage. Our Martial Soul lineage possesses our own place of belonging,” Hun Zang said. Guilt filled his gaze towards the Rain Abbess.

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“In the past, I didn’t know the power in my possession was Martial Soul Force, nor did I know about the existence of the Martial Soul lineage. Only when I learnt about the Martial Soul Mountain and the history of the Martial Soul lineage did I truly understand something. As it turns out, the Martial Soul Mountain is our Martial Soul lineage’s final place of belonging.”

“Now, as the first senior brother of the Martial Soul lineage, there’s even more reason for me to serve as an example and take on protecting and continuing the Martial Soul lineage as my duty, until I die from exhaustion…”

“Is the Martial Soul lineage really that important in your heart?”

The Rain Abbess suddenly became emotional. Tears suddenly rippled in her eyes that had always been so cold as she said, “Do you still remember that in the lower world, you were still a parentless child? You relied on the charity of some old people in the village to get by each day, sometimes even going without meals. You spent every single day starving, so hungry that you were just skin and bones.”

“As for me, I was only a spiritual fish that had recently developed intelligence in the vast ocean. Back then, while I had developed intelligence, I had no cultivation at all, nor did I know how to cultivate. In the end, due to an accident, I was caught by a fisherman and brought to the tiny village where you lived…” the Rain Abbess said slowly.

Her eyes shimmered with tears while her expression was extremely complicated. There was recollection, reminiscence, as well as sighs.

Hun Zang became melancholic with that too. As if he had opened a buried box of ancient memories, he let out a deep sigh. “Of course, I still remember that. I can even clearly recall the appearance of the old man who caught you on the shore. Back then, I called him grandpa Hu. Grandpa Hu had been very hostile to me since I was very young, as I regularly slipped into his home and ate his things. There was one time when I even accidentally broke the fishing net he had laid out to dry.”

“Actually, I didn’t want that to happen either. It was just that my parents passed away when I was young, and I was still a child, so I lacked the ability to live by myself. When I got hungry, I slipped into the homes of others to find food to eat almost out of instinct, or I relied on the villagers’ charity, picking up some scraps left behind by others to fill my belly.”

“I can still remember when I first met you. You were still a glistening spiritual fish. Grandpa Hu had just caught you from the ocean, and you were struggling desperately in grandpa Hu’s fishing net. Back then, you were so pitiful and helpless. I even knew your fate already…”

“The people in the village all recognised you as an extremely-rare spiritual fish, and they all became extremely happy. They discussed how they would deal with the spiritual fish.”

“Some said that the spiritual fish possessed spiritual Qi. By eating the spiritual fish, it would bring great benefit to the body. Others said that they should sell the spiritual fish to the officials in the city so that they could use the money from the sale to improve everyone’s lives…”

“In the end, I slipped into grandpa Hu’s home again when the entire village went to sleep with the wonderful prospects of the future in mind. I stole the spiritual fish before releasing it back into the ocean.”

“I never thought that it would actually infuriate the entire village. None of the uncles and aunties in the village spared me because of my young age. In the end, I received a fierce beating from them, and they chased me away mercilessly.”

“The hamlet was located by the ocean and extremely remote, without a single human in sight even within several hundred kilometers. I limped my way out of the village before fainting on the beach in the end from hunger.”

“Originally, I never would have awoken again after falling unconscious, but because of you, I didn’t die.”

“I can still remember it even now. You would always dive to the bottom of the ocean at the cost of tremendous effort. Then you would bring some spiritual fluid back up in your mouth and spray it on my wounds. The spiritual fluid healed my injuries…”

“I still couldn’t fish alone back then. The fish had always been so nimble, vanishing with a single flex of their tails. Not only was I clumsy, but I was slow too, so I obviously could not catch a single fish. I didn’t even have the ability to keep myself alive.”

“I was saved by you yet again. You would bring back some small fish and toss them before me every single day, giving them to me so I wouldn’t starve to death on the beach…”

“I gradually grew up and possessed the ability to fish for myself. I could thrive alone. However, I was still a mortal. What truly changed my fate was still you…”

“This time, you came to find me with a jade slip in your mouth, and you left the jade slip with me. It was exactly because of the jade slip’s existence that my fate changed completely.”

“The jade slip recorded a cultivation method. Through cultivation, I grew stronger and stronger, more and more powerful. I finally began to change from a feeble mortal, becoming an expert who could raise storms step by step.”

“After I became powerful, you brought me into the ocean, and we found a palace in an extremely secretive location at the bottom of the sea…”

“It was just a palace to my understanding back then, but I know now that it was actually a divine hall…”

“It was also you who led me into the divine hall, allowing me to obtain numerous fortunes from the divine hall, even allowing me to personally witness the moment you turned into a human. Afterwards, we cultivated together and roamed the world together…”

Hun Zang did not continue. He sat in the air and gazed at the magnificent landscape in the distance. His emotions surged. He was deeply touched.

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