Chapter 3001: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3001: Cloudsurge and Rainflood (One)

However, following the shock, the successors gathered on the Martial Soul Mountain all realised the severity of the matter, which made all of them become stern.

“If that’s the case, attempting to get the Snow sect to release her through negotiation won’t work. The Snow sect’s end goal in capturing Shui Yunlan must be the Snow Goddess,” Hun Zang said sternly.

“If that’s the case, then what can we do? The Snow sect is the greatest sect on the Ice Pole Plane. They’re so powerful that they’re well beyond what our Martial Soul lineage can handle. How are we supposed to save her?” Yue Chao also frowned heavily. The Snow sect’s strength left the successors of the Martial Soul lineage all feeling very pressured.

“We can’t just stand by and do nothing as the Snow sect targets eighth junior brother’s family,” Su Qi said. She glanced past Chu Jian, Yue Chao, and Hun Zang and continued, “Senior brothers, you have the greatest seniority in the Martial Soul lineage. Can you think of any ways to help out our little junior brother?”

Chu Jian sighed gently with that. “This matter is easy to deal with if you want to think that way, but it’s also difficult if you want to think that way. At the end of the day, it’s still because we’re too weak and we’re not strong enough to contend with the Snow sect. Even unleashing the Martial Soul Formation won’t work. If we possess the great strength that can contend against the Snow sect, everything will be easy.”

“That’s right. If we want to avert the danger eighth junior brother’s family is facing, we need to find a supreme expert who can contend against the Snow sect,” said the first senior brother, Hun Zang. His eyes flickered with some hesitance and deliberation.

Afterwards, he sighed gently. “I need to leave here temporarily. Juniors, let’s activate the teleportation powers of the mountain soul again.”

“You’re leaving at a time like this? And we have to activate the power of the mountain soul? First senior brother, don’t tell me you have a way?” Everyone’s gazes had already gathered on Hun Zang.

“I’ll give it a try!” Hun Zang said gently. At that moment, his expression became rather mixed.

Soon afterwards, under the combined efforts of the successors, they activated the power of the mountain soul again. Through it, they immediately crossed a great distance and appeared in an unknown region of space.

“What’s this place?” Standing on the illusionary mountain soul, Qing Shan studied the surroundings and asked in doubt.

In this dark, icy-cold region of space, there was nothing apart from the stars that flickered in the distance and a few meteors. The entire region was silent.

“Wait here for me. I’ll be right back.”

Leaving that behind, Hun Zang left the mountain soul with a single step. With his cultivation at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, he vanished in a mere few flashes. Who knew where he went off to in the depths of the sea of stars.

The seven other successors all stood on the mountain soul and gazed at one another in doubt.

Hun Zang travelled away from the mountain soul alone, speeding through the sea of stars. After crossing a distance that even he was unsure of, a tremendous piece of land floating in outer space finally appeared before his eyes.

Hun Zang travelled in a straight line, directly approaching the land.

The land happened to be one of the forty-nine major planes of the Saints’ World, the Delight Plane.

The Delight Plane possessed an invincible organisation that was known to all, the Cloudsurge Empire.

The Cloudsurge Empire was so powerful that all the peak organisations on the plane feared it tremendously. It was even rumored that if all the organisations on the Delight Plane banded together, they would still come nowhere close to being the Cloudsurge Empire’s opponent.

The reason why the Cloudsurge Empire was so powerful was not because they had a lot of Grand Primes. The most important reason was because the Cloudsurge Empire possessed a supreme figure who could sweep through the Delight Plane unmatched.

The Rain Abbess!

The Rain Abbess was so powerful that even if all the Grand Primes on the Delight Plane banded together, they would still stand no chance against her. It was exactly because of the Rain Abbess’ existence that the Cloudsurge Empire became invincible on the Delight Plane, an organisation that no one dared to provoke.

At this moment, a figure silently appeared beyond the boundary of the Cloudsure Empire. He hovered several thousand meters in the air, gazing at the towering fortress that trailed like a dragon from very far away.

The figure was the first senior brother of the Martial Soul lineage, Hun Zang!

But at this moment, Hun Zang became emotionally perturbed. He gazed at the border stronghold of the Cloudsurge Empire before him, and his gaze became unprecedentedly mixed. It was extremely emotional, filled with melancholy.

He hovered there silently, gazing at the fortress from very far away, but he refused to move as if there was some kind of reason that prevented him from setting foot in the territory of the Cloudsurge Empire.

Time passed by silently. In the blink of an eye, fifteen minutes had passed. Because Hun Zang had kept his presence completely concealed, he seemed to have merged with the world, so no one discovered him even as the cultivators travelled to and from the fortress below.

“Sigh!” At this moment, Hun Zang let out a lengthy sigh. The sigh seemed to be filled with his mixed emotions, and it also demonstrated the deep feelings of helplessness and bitterness in his heart right now.

“I know I can’t keep my arrival a secret from you. I need your help with something,” Hun Zang said gently to the empty space.

He did not receive a reply. The atmosphere in the surroundings just seemed to suddenly freeze in a daze.

The wind stopped!

The energetic origin energy that filled the surroundings seemed to settle down too.

The surroundings, even the entire world, became extremely peaceful at that moment.

However, the peace did not last for very long. It was soon broken by drizzle.

Rain drifted through the air. The droplets were very small and never ending, nourishing the land and awakening the creatures like spring rain.

The moment the rain appeared, the various experts who stood at the apex of the plane in the various regions of the Delight Plane all opened their eyes. They stared at the world in alarm or surprise and sighed helplessly.

“It’s the Rain Abbess. This is the Rain Abbess’ ways.”

“What exactly happened that alarmed the Rain Abbess?”

All of the experts discovered that the steady drizzle had already enveloped the entire Delight Plane.

Beyond the border of the Cloudsurge Empire, Hun Zang remained exactly where he was. He did not stop the rain, allowing it to gradually drench his clothes. He only stared straight ahead with very mixed emotions, at the slender woman who had appeared before anyone had realised.

The woman seemed to be in her thirties. Even though she was already approaching her thirties when it came to her appearance, her charms still lingered. She was beautiful.

She appeared silently. She did not give off any presence, such that she seemed both like a mortal, yet also like a ghost.

However, she seemed much more like she had already become one with the entire world!

This woman was the unrivalled expert of the Delight Plane, the Rain Abbess!

The Rain Abbess said nothing. Her eyes that seemed to contain the endless ways landed on Hun Zang. Only after staring at him quietly for a while did she gently say, “Does the land, the empire, behind me really cause you so much fear? Such that you’d rather wait here painstakingly the entire time instead of taking a step forward?”

“Or should I say that the empire behind me is no longer qualified enough to accommodate for the esteemed identity of the greatest member of the Martial Soul lineage?”

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