Chapter 828: Immortal Estate
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 828: Immortal Estate

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Right after the old man had finished his lecturing, three more people flew out. These were a muscular man with a saber on his back, a blue-robed scholar, and a middle-aged beauty. Like the old man, they were all Celestial Heart cultivators, all at the Heart Demon Tier. As Tang Jie had guessed, this place probably permitted entry only to those at Heart Demon or below.

It was probably these people who had suppressed the valley, allowing the disciples to pass through.

This was most likely intended as a test and tempering for the disciples. Those that passed could continue exploring while those that failed had to either promptly turn back or die within the valley.

Once all four were present, the man with the saber said, "The early opening of the Five Origins Paradise is a blessing for my Herding Yang Sect. Let the four of us lead this expedition. We must grab all the benefits for ourselves, before the Avatamsaka Temple and Verdant Goat Sect react. My Herding Yang Sect must end up the winner of this expedition. Does everyone understand?"

"This disciple understands!" all the cultivators shouted, and they charged farther into the estate.

Tang Jie now had a general understanding of what was going on.

It seemed that it was three sects, not one, that jointly controlled this place.

Because they were wary of each other, no sect could put all their energy into exploring, so in the end, the three sects had reached an agreement, which was that four Heart Demon cultivators would lead a group of Mortal Shedding disciples into the paradise. This essentially made the paradise into a training ground for the disciples.

This approach had its benefits, as the paradise became a location that could be repeatedly used, and each entry would have new discoveries and surprises. Earlier, Tang Jie had found quite a lot of nice things, and while they weren't good enough to reach his level, for these low-level disciples, they were extremely valuable treasures.

His arrival had caused the

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Translator Notes

It seems like this kid Tang Jie ran into is harboring a secret bloodline!

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