Chapter 827: Immortal Estate (2)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 827: Immortal Estate (2)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


It was an unremarkable purple flower, swaying in the wind, a red fruit growing from its heart.

"A Violet Berry," Yiyi said.

Violet Berries were fruit that were rich in spiritual energy, and they could be used after a mere one hundred years. When consumed, they could refine the bones and strengthen the body. They were practical fruit, but they weren't especially rare. When cultivating the Parting Classic, Tang Jie had used a lot of them.

The problem was that this Violet Berry was still red and yet to ripen to purple. It would be another few decades until it matured.

There was a ripening fruit in a garden from High Antiquity? This was rather interesting.

And there was only this one Violet Berry in the entire garden, which meant that it hadn't descended from another one planted earlier.

Tang Jie carefully examined the fruit, and then he looked around the garden and found several other spirit plants that clearly hadn't grown long enough yet.

Tang Jie confidently said, "Someone has been here."

"Based on their ages, it should have been sixty years ago." Yiyi was better able to analyze the age of plants. After examining the plants, she confirmed, "These plants were all planted later on."

Tang Jie thoughtfully looked at the eighteen puppets. "Could it be…"

As he was thinking, a boom came from the distance.

His eyes flashing, he suddenly rushed in the direction of the sound, ignoring the garden.

As he emerged from the garden, a valley appeared before him.

This valley was also quite special. The path split off into two here, one extending into a frost-blasted and freezing area and the other extending into a scorching hot area.

In the valley of flames, waves of fire danced, and a firebird screeched high up in the air. Several people were battling with the flames, one large bearded cultivator fighting with the firebird, each punch unleashing a thunderclap like the one Tang Jie had heard earlier. But despite all that sound, the fury of the punches was quite medi

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Translator Notes

It looks Tang Jie intruded on the secret training ground of a sect and looted it of everything valuable! Whoops!

Novel Notes

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