Chapter 817: Skyrend Swordfall
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 817: Skyrend Swordfall

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The spatial fissures once more began to gather.

This time, the Jewel Immortal Sovereign was able to gather even more spatial fissures.

It was no simple net, but a giant web that covered all sides.

There was only a single opening in this giant web, enough for a person to fly up and out.

The Jewel Immortal Sovereign said, "Tang Jie, if you leave the valley and concede, you still have a chance to survive, but once I close this net, there will be no going back, and not even I will be able to save you!"

Tang Jie said nothing, staring hard at the Jewel Immortal Sovereign.

He had been through countless battles in his career, but never had the situation been so dire.

He was facing the Jewel Immortal Sovereign at her strongest, and he had nothing left to deal with her.

The best choice here was to immediately concede.

But Tang Jie stubbornly refused.

It wasn't because he didn't want to let go of the inter-domain trade, or the Martial Lord's hidden realm that had few resources left. He just didn't want to lose!

Even when facing almost certain defeat, Tang Jie still wanted to fight, still wanted to win.

He had never desired victory so much before, had never been so unafraid of sacrifice.

His eyes were afire as he stared at the Jewel Immortal Sovereign.

Jewel was rather taken aback by this gaze, and she felt like something was happening.

Tang Jie's aura was rising.

Rising without end!

The Sovereign Blade was beginning to shine with a resplendent sword light.

It was sword intent!

Long after he had comprehended saber intent, Tang Jie's sword intent had finally matured, but this was not the end.

As his sword intent was born, a cold and drab energy began to silently creep into his surroundings, giving off an eerie sensation.

"This is…" The spectating cultivators gasped in surprise.

At this moment, Tang Jie drew back his left hand and instantly formed several signs.

These were hand signs for the Nine Heavens Calamity Blade.

But why use that now?

And throug

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie learned a new Dao Art, but at what cost? 

Novel Notes

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