Chapter 675: Reflections of the Floating Life
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 675: Reflections of the Floating Life

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Lin Xin didn't know what had happened to her face, but she noticed Tang Jie's face freeze. She looked at the mirror and noticed that something wasn't right. "Eh? Your Majesty's handiwork seems to be not like usual. This lady seems much more beautiful today."

"Mm," Tang Jie simply grunted. A light suddenly appeared on the center of his forehead while a halo appeared under his feet.

He then once more tapped Lin Xin's face with his finger, upon which the face assumed its original appearance.

Lin Xin said in shock, "What… what just happened?"

This time, she had clearly seen that Tang Jie's finger had done this.

"A little trick," Tang Jie casually said. He once more touched her face with his finger, and Lin Xin transformed into that more beautiful appearance.

Putting down the eyebrow pencil, Tang Jie said, "I'm done now."

He turned and left.

No matter how beautiful this version of Lin Xin was, he couldn't linger a second longer. His mind was currently in great turmoil.

Only he knew that what had happened just now was no small trick.

It was an illusion spell!

The illusion spell of the Illusion Fox.

When Tang Jie had first touched Lin Xin with his finger, even he had been fooled by this spell. Only by using the Celestial Eye and activating his Realm of Insight did he finally see the truth.

The problem was that he had only ever been able to use this illusion spell on himself.

This was the first time he had used it on someone else, and it was obvious that it had to do with the Dao Runes.

But why could the Yin Yang Dao Runes do this?

Tang Jie quickly understood why.

The illusion spell was under the Illusion Dao, and the Illusion Dao belonged to the Dao of Yin Yang as a branch of Illusion and Reality.

In other words, the illusion spell was under Yin Yang, and now that he had attained the basic entering of the Dao, it had affected the illusion spell in the way it could be used, which included being able to use it on others.

This was the manifestation of a

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Translator Notes

Uh oh, Yiyi's in trouble! Who could this mysterious assailant be?

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