Chapter 539: Vortex
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 539: Vortex

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The python's strength was so great that even He Changan empowered by the Formless Heavenly Demon Body couldn't escape, and the python's body drew tighter and tighter.

The python's constriction!

It was the way of killing the python was best at.

The python threw its head back and let out a loud roar.

Then it lowered its head and gave He Changan a cold look, like it was looking at a lamb waiting for the slaughter.

It opened its mouth, apparently planning to swallow its next prey.

But its earlier indigestion had made it hesitant. After some thought, it decided to choke the prey to death and then eat it.

It coiled even more tightly.

"Aaagh!" He Changan howled in pain.

He constantly swung his halberd, sinking it into the python's body. Blood spurted from the python, causing it to crazily hiss, but it only coiled tighter and tighter.

"Release me! I can help you!" He Changan shouted. "Tang Jie is also my enemy!"

Hearing this, Cang Qingfeng slightly hesitated.

But a moment later, the two Tang Jies stopped attacking, as did Xu Miaoran and Yiyi.

If they had kept attacking, Cang Qingfeng really might have considered letting He Changan go, but Tang Jie withdrawing gave Cang Qingfeng hope.

He Changan wasn't his ally. Since he was going to kill him eventually, he might as well do it now. After all, He Changan was already in his hands. If he let him go, He Changan would never give him another chance to get the jump on him.

Thus, after weighing the pros and cons, he quickly decided to continue choking He Changan to death. As for Tang Jie's group, without He Changan holding him down, Cang Qingfeng was confident that he could clean them up.

Thus, the python continued to sway around while coiled around He Changan, spilling copious amounts of blood in the air.

"Save me!" He Changan wailed.

Xu Mingyue wanted to do something, but she saw Tang Jie shaking his head at her.

Xu Mingyue looked at the two Tang Jies for a while before finally giving up.

She asked, "Which o

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Translator Notes

It looks like avatar Tang Jie and Yiyi are off to visit Uncle Blood River! 

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