Chapter 538: Breaking Apart
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 538: Breaking Apart

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As Cang Qingfeng transformed, a majestic energy engulfed the hall, the phantom of that enormous turtle-snake filling the entire hall and almost suffocating everybody.

Cang Qingfeng crazily laughed.

He called back the twelve Dao Diagrams. He no longer needed their suppression.

He Changan was released, but he could only join everyone else in gazing at the terrifying majesty of the Black Tortoise.

The turtle-snake phantom continued to grow larger and larger. Cang Qingfeng roared, and that python acting as the tail slithered through the air, rushing at Tang Jie with great force.

Tang Jie immediately activated the Chaoswind Step, dodging the python, which hurtled toward He Changan instead.

He Changan bellowed and swung his halberd, which let out circles of black energy and unleashed a shower of black dots. Those black dots were a sign that the Formless Heavenly Demon Art was operating at maximum, and the black pearl he had swallowed had tripled the power of the art. The power of his full might was truly able to obliterate mountains.

The immense force slammed into the python, unleashing a powerful shockwave that shook the entire hall. If this hall hadn't been made from rare metals, it might have crumbled right there.

The powerful impact sent He Changan flying back, and the python coiled back while hissing.

Meanwhile, Tang Jie had moved behind Cang Qingfeng, and his saber swung at the part of the phantom where the python connected to the turtle.

Nothing could hide from the power of Insight, so even the phantom of the Black Tortoise had had its weakness exposed. The spot that Tang Jie was attacking was the weakest part of the phantom.

"Raaa!" Furiously roaring, Cang Qingfeng turned around and punched.

Tang Jie's saber had only cut halfway when the blast of wind from the fist jolted him, and before he could bring down his blade any farther, he was sent flying.

Fortunately, Tang Jie had activated the Frost Domain, the True Essence Astral Barrier, and the Forml

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Translator Notes

An end to Shi Jingzhai's cursed existence. No longer does he have to live as a fool and a slave! And the ghost guard is gone too. Tang Jie's party is going back a little smaller, it seems.

Novel Notes

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