Chapter 540: The Myriad Immortals Cauldron
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 540: The Myriad Immortals Cauldron

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Upon entering the vortex, Tang Jie felt like he was descending into a bottomless abyss, his body constantly plunging downward.

All around him was red, and as his body spun and descended, he could hear Tutu's terrified shrieking.

"Yiyi!" Because the original body was outside, Tang Jie knew that Yiyi had come in with him.

"I'm here, Big Brother!" Yiyi shouted, the vine binding her to Tang Jie.

Tang Jie turned and grabbed the vine, pulling Yiyi toward him.

While still spinning along the flow of the vortex, they drew closer and closer, until Yiyi was finally pulled into Tang Jie's embrace.

"Where are we? Big Brother." Yiyi hugged Tang Jie's neck.

"We should have entered the passage to the Blood River Domain," Tang Jie said as he looked around.

His body was still rapidly falling, and he couldn't even use spiritual energy to stop. The powerful pull rendered him almost immobile, and the distant crimson was like an open maw about to swallow him up.

"What do we do now?" Yiyi asked.

"We can't go over like this. That Blood River Ancestor will definitely be waiting on the other side for us." Tang Jie looked up. "The bag!"

Yiyi raised her head and saw a Mustard Seed Bag coming from above. She reached out a hand, and another vine flew out to wrap around the bag and pull it down.

Tang Jie took the Mustard Seed Bag, and while he was rapidly spinning around, he shouted, "We only have one chance!"

He took out the Mountain River State Diagram and asked, "Tutu, can you use the Space Crystal to teleport us out of here?"

Tutu was curled up in Tang Jie's chest, clutching tightly to him with its paws. Upon hearing this, it perked up its ears, bobbing them around like they were antennas. It replied, "The distance is too great. The Space Crystal doesn't have enough energy to make the teleportation."

The Space Crystal had an energy reserve, and it needed to have enough energy before each use. Only people with an understanding of the appropriate Dao could recharge it. Tang Ji

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie is out of danger for now, but it seems like his avatar is going to be stuck in that other world for a bit.

Novel Notes

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