Chapter 535: Great Dao Realm
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 535: Great Dao Realm

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Cang Qingfeng was startled, and then he chuckled, "You're pretty good! You were even able to guess this correctly! But what does it matter that you know? In the end, you have to die."

He finally stopped hiding his killing intent, his body erupting with spiritual energy, engulfing the entire hall in his aura.

This aura seemed to have physical mass, pressing on everyone so much that they found it hard to stand straight. Even Tang Jie was forced back a few steps. As he approached the bounds of the room, Cang Qingfeng waved his hand. The doors slammed shut, locking everyone within the hall.

Cang Qingfeng sinisterly said, "Nobody will be leaving this place."

"You fucker!" Ao Chihu's face flashed with murderous intent. "Who cares if you're some dogshit Black Tortoise!? I'll kill you!"

He swung his heavy sword, releasing wave after wave of frenzied sword energy.

This time, instead of striking like lightning, he moved rather slowly, as if he was swinging an extremely weighty object. But even Cang Qingfeng's face turned solemn in the face of these extremely slow attacks.

"You seem to have grasped a little of the Sanguine True Lord's Dark Heaven Asterism," Cang Qingfeng said as he thrust out his palm. This simple thrust caused the fabric of space to tremble, stopping cold Ao Chihu's attacks.

At the same time, He Changan roared, dark energy swelling out from his body, slamming into Cang Qingfeng's torrent of green energy.

As black and green collided, they created savage shockwaves that prevented anyone else from getting close.

Amid the flashing lights, He Changan pulled out a silver-gray halberd and stabbed it at Cang Qingfeng.

The Halberd of Desolate Heavens!

This was He Changan's weapon, an art relic of the highest grade.

That he was using this halberd meant that He Changan was finally beginning to fight with all his power. The halberd combined with his Formless Heavenly Demon Body allowed him to erupt with power, and the entire hall was full of He Changan's

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