Chapter 534: Black Tortoise
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 534: Black Tortoise

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The central hall.

Cang Qingfeng's brazen declaration that he was going to kill everyone resounded through the air, leaving everyone stunned.

Even though they had suffered grievous losses, with many of their number dying, there was still He Changan, the old steward, Nan Ningjiang, Zhou Fanghua, Xu Mingyue, Ao Chihu, and "Qian Yingchen". Besides that, there were still two generals of the Bloodbath Hall, and He Changan had brought with him two decently strong servants. Finally, there was Jin Yutang, for a total of twelve people.

This group of twelve consisted of two Soul Transformation True Persons and one Heart Demon True Person, and the rest were all Spirit Ring True Persons. It was a formidable strength, enough to sweep through a medium sect, and that wasn't even considering that He Changan was a chief-level existence. He alone was able to go against three regular Soul Transformation True Persons.

But Cang Qingfeng had boldly declared that he was going to kill this entire group.

Even the callous and composed He Changan was angered. "I'd like to see how you do that!"

He immediately made several signs with his right hand, and then he thrust out his palm, sending out a torrent of energy. This palm blast was dense and solid, sharp and restrained. It seemed ordinary, but it had a regal aura about it.

Even Cang Qingfeng wasn't willing to take this attack. He jumped into the air with a shout and threw out the Immeasurable Sword. The sword flew into the air, where it continued to release blood energy and expand the blood fissure.

With a flip of his hand, Cang Qingfeng produced a coiling dragon spear and thrust it at He Changan.

The surging spear energy stabbed into He Changan's palm blast, and there was an explosion of light. The spear not only managed to hold off He Changan's palm, it was even able to push back. It had to be a top-class art relic at the minimum.

Cang Qingfeng stood in the air and sneered. It seemed like he had an extremely easy time taking tha

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Translator Notes

Ah, so it turns out Cang Qingfeng is yet another one of the four sacred beasts! That's White Tiger and Black Tortoise. Only Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird left to go for a complete set.

Novel Notes

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