Chapter 536: The Twelve Great Daos
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 536: The Twelve Great Daos

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The attacks aimed at Cang Qingfeng suddenly became sharp, concentrated, and threatening.

Amid those streams of spell arts, Cang Qingfeng yowled as he jumped around.

He left behind afterimages in the air as he moved around like a bolt of lightning. With powerful defense, numerous spell arts and art relics, and nimble speed, this bastard truly didn't have any significant weaknesses.

As he fell back, Cang Qingfeng shrieked, "Tang Jie, you're seeking death! You really think this old man can't do anything? A Great Dao Realm… This old man has one too!"

As he roared, a light spread from Cang Qingfeng's feet, expanding outward like with Tang Jie.

This was clearly another Great Dao Realm.

Everyone was stunned.

Cang Qingfeng howled as he charged forward, a sawtoothed saber appearing in his hand, which he swung at Ao Chihu. Ao Chihu swung back with his heavy sword, but to his surprise, Cang Qingfeng chose to directly take on the sword.

The sword hacked into Cang Qingfeng's body. This attack contained all of Ao Chihu's strength, and even Cang Qingfeng's defense couldn't stop it. There was a crimson eruption as Cang Qingfeng was almost cleaved open. Meanwhile, Cang Qingfeng's toothed saber bit into Ao Chihu's body.

The two of them parted, and while Cang Qingfeng was covered in blood, his toothed saber had acted like the Heartbreak Saber, taking away a section of Ao Chihu's intestines with it.

The two of them had both suffered heavy wounds, but while Ao Chihu howled in pain, Cang Qingfeng stood there as if nothing was wrong.

The vicious wound inflicted by Ao Chihu rapidly healed, and a thick Life energy circled around him. While covered by this Life energy, no matter what injury he sustained, it would be rapidly healed.

"The Realm of Life!" Tang Jie called out. "As expected of the Black Tortoise's Reincarnation! The Azure Dragon controls Fate, the White Tiger controls Space and Time, the Vermillion Bird controls Yin and Yang, and the Black Tortoise controls Reincar

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Translator Notes

He Changan helps Tang Jie out with comprehending the Dao! A decision he hopefully won't regret...

Novel Notes

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