Chapter 366: Robbery
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 366: Robbery

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


In a dense forest at the base of a mountain, a small road made by human hands extended into the distance.

A convoy was making its way through the forest. There were seven large wagons in all, each one carrying four large crates. Around twenty people were guarding this convoy.

The head and tail wagons each had a large flag flying from them. On one side was written "Wei", and on the other side was written "Gu", indicating that this was a convoy of the Wei and Gu Clans.

At the very front, four people mounted on horses were leading the way. Two of them were none other than Wei Tianzhi and Wu Xing.

Upon returning from the academy, these two had begun to manage the clan business. This trade route was newly opened, and so the most important thing besides making connections with the various local governments and sects was to guard against bandits and fiends. Sufficient guards were needed, and so Wei Tianzhi and Wu Xing had been entrusted with this task.

The Wei Clan had gone to great lengths to open up this route, and it was quite valuable. If not for the matter of Wei Tianchong's engagement, the Wei Clan would have never let the Gu Clan use it for its goods.

Seated on his horse, Wu Xing pointed into the distance and said, "Through this forest is the Warsong Mountains, and past the Warsong Mountains is Duskland. There, the status of our sect will have no meaning, so everyone will have to rely on their fists."

The youth next to him said, "And here I thought that we would have to rely on our fists once we were through the Lotus Pass."

Everyone laughed.

The youth was called Gu Changan, a member of the Gu Clan's direct line of descent. He had a scheming personality and was considered quite the shrewd one among his peers, earning him the favor of the patriarch. The partnership between the Gu Clan and Wei Clan was of great significance, so the Gu Clan had sent this person to serve as the connection with the Wei Clan.

The middle-aged man next to him said, "It's difficult to make one's way through this forested and mountainous region. It must have taken you significant resources to open up this road, no?"

This man's name was Zhu Kaishan, and he was the leader of the Gu Clan's escort company. He had abundant experience in this field and was a very sly person. His primary duty was managing the caravan.

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Not exactly the best acting performance. Good thing it's not their day job.

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