Chapter 365: Borrowing a Road
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 365: Borrowing a Road

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The three Stone Gate disciples saw how easily Tang Jie had killed Lin Fan and were momentarily too shocked and horrified to speak.

Tang Jie was seething with murderous energy and clearly didn't plan to let them go. One of them shouted, "This has nothing to do with me!"

He turned and flew off.

Another one of them shouted, "Idiot, we're only strong when we're together! You want to give him the chance to take us down one by one?"

As he spoke, he attacked with the other remaining person, two waves of sword energy sweeping toward Tang Jie. But the scared disciple didn't care and fled for his life. Although he was a Spirit Master, he spent most of his time cultivating in the sect and had little experience in the outside world. He lacked the composure and resolve of the other two.

If all three of them had attacked, Tang Jie might have had some trouble. After all, the Stone Gate disciples weren't wandering cultivators and were actually quite strong. In a three-versus-one, even Tang Jie would have had a lot to deal with.

But one of them running off, leaving him in a two-versus-one, saved Tang Jie a lot of effort.

"Want to run? Fixate!"

The fleeing disciple froze in the air.

Tang Jie had already activated the Formless Golden Body and rushed at the remaining two disciples. The Formless Golden Body was much stronger than before, finally exhibiting the power of a spell art of the Sword Classic. The two waves of sword energy struck his body in an explosion of rainbow colors, but they weren't able to injure even a hair on Tang Jie's body. Meanwhile, Tang Jie had swung his saber, releasing a wave of fire that forced the two of them to back away.

Ever since it had been upgraded to an art relic, the Heartbreak Saber had only become fiercer. As Tang Jie swung it, it unleashed a raging sea of fire that appeared from a distance like a seething cloud of flames.

The two Stone Gate disciples tried to resist, but the difference in the strength of their spell arts now made itself evident.

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