Chapter 364: Slaying
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 364: Slaying

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr



A slender branch thwacked at an approaching stone, flashing with white light and sending the stone flying. As Xi Canhen received this attack, his face paled.

So he was still lacking in spiritual energy?

He hadn't cultivated a mantra, so even though his Jade Gate was open and he could absorb spiritual energy and use it, his Spiritual Space wasn't open, meaning he couldn't store it. This meant that he was left weak and helpless after every strike.

Even so, after repeated training, Xi Canhen was growing more and more familiar with the Twelve-Form Horizon Sword.

The little tiger wasn't training him in offensive ability, but in how to dodge and block. This was so the little tiger didn't need to be distracted by having to protect this guy in the middle of battle.

As the stone was knocked away, the little tiger lunged at Xi Canhen and swatted at him.

Xi Canhen only saw a blur, but these last two days of bitter training had allowed Xi Canhen to gradually grow accustomed to this sort of situation. The moment the little tiger attacked, Xi Canhen dived to the ground.

The tiger claw whooshed over Xi Canhen's head, but at this same moment, the tiger's tail swatted at him. But before Xi Canhen had even hit the ground, he had rolled off to the side. As the tail struck the ground, Xi Canhen turned, throwing out some dirt as he got to his feet and ran behind a tree.

As the little tiger was about to lunge again, a sword emerged from behind the tree. This sword had been very well hidden before this, and it was positioned just right so that if the tiger jumped, the sword would thrust right into his stomach.

The little tiger froze and looked at Xi Canhen, who smugly chuckled.

The little tiger tilted his head and let out a difficult-to-understand growl. Although he didn't know what the real meaning of this growl was, Xi Canhen could sense that the tiger looked at him with very warm and gentle eyes.

The tiger's tail stroked Xi Canhen's head like it was a hand, and then the tiger turned around, settled down under a tree, and went to sleep.

Did this mean that he had graduated?

Xi Canhen happily laughed.

He walked over and stroked the little tiger, saying, "Bao'er, thank you."

The little tiger looked at him. Xi Canhen lay down, using the tiger's stomach as a pillow.

Looking up at the sky, he said, "It's truly a good feeling… I'm talking about not having to mine ore. In the mines, I had to be careful every day, careful of that terrifying monster that might eat me and careful of people who were bigger than me stealing from me. I remember the first time someone stole from me. It was my third day in the mines. I had dug up a high-grade piece of ore. It was big, at least ten catties. I was so happy that I shouted 'I'm rich!' Then some extremely wicked guy came over, slapped me, and stole my ore."

The tiger quietly listened.

Xi Canhen continued, "That was the first time I was robbed. Later on, I learned that this wasn'

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Translator Notes

Some poor Stone Gate Sect disciples about to learn that there's a price for mocking Tang Jie.

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