Chapter 363: Undercurrent
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 363: Undercurrent

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


In front of Tang Jie was a vast underground limestone cave. Water poured down from the cliff, and for some reason, as this poisoned water flowed down, all the poison disappeared, leaving behind only a clear spring.

Beyond the pool of water was a forest of countless standing stones.

White jade stalactites exuding cold energy hung from the top of the cave: Icestone Bamboo.

Icestone Bamboo was a rare kind of spiritual material. Though it had a tough texture, if it were refined under True Flame, it would become soft and gel-like. In this state, it was consumable and tasted like bamboo, hence the name of Icestone Bamboo. But its true use was in pill refining. When added into a mixture, it could raise the chance of successful refinement and the grade of certain pills.

The value of a spiritual material depended on the value of the pills that could be made from it. Icestone Bamboo could be made into three kinds of high-grade medicine, so it was rather precious.

But Icestone Bamboo wasn't too rare, and it could even be farmed. Thus, its price wasn't too unreasonable. However, there were quite a lot of them in this cave, which would fetch quite the sum when added together.

All of these Bamboo had their tips cut off, leaving only the base. There was no doubt that this was Shi Jingzhai's handiwork. The stone bamboo had all their value in the tips, and the bases were worthless.

On the ceiling were Icestone Bamboo, and on the ground was a giant pit. If one jumped into the pit, one would be able to see tunnels running off in every direction. These tunnels naturally weren't dug out for fun, and even though they had been mined out, Tang Jie could still see flashes of gold.

These gold flashes were somewhat similar to his golden grains, and they were scattered about the tunnels. Tang Jie picked up one and looked it over, and he soon confirmed it to be Goldite. Goldite was a kind of metal ore that was mostly used for weapons. Weapons made from it were primarily known for being tough and difficult to destroy, but it was somewhat inadequate for use in art relics. Even so, this wasn't anything that couldn't be made up for with quantity. Tang Jie looked at the tunnels and estimated that this was a tiny ore vein. If completely mined out, it could have a value on par with the Icestone Bamboo.

Shi Jingzhai had probably spent the past two years doing nothing but mining away at this place.

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Translator Notes

One hundred million spirit coins! Is Tang Jie going to be rich?

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