Chapter 895- Evolution Potion Feast (2)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 895- Evolution Potion Feast (2)


The whiskey glass hit the wooden table and gave out a crisp sound. After Demon Gold drank the glass full of white liquid, he enjoyed the feeling of alcohol flowing in his body.

He shook his head. Since he evolved, his resistance had increased, and that included his alcohol resistance. All kinds of alcohol, no matter how much he drank, wouldn’t make him intoxicated.

He habitually touched the lower half of his body. That part had once left him, but now he has a pair of muscular legs.

Demon Gold sold his soul to get these legs, but he felt it was worth it.

“What can you even taste like that?”

Green Flower shook her head and slowly drank the alcohol.

“If I don’t do this, all the more I wouldn’t be able to taste anything.”

Demon Gold touched his neck and gave out a cracking sound.

“Your injuries are okay?”

Green Flower nodded, “After getting the Demon Mark, injuries aren’t important anymore.”

Something flashed in his eyes when he heard Demon Mark.

The wooden door behind opened, and a person entered. He saw Demon Gold and Green Flower by the bar and just walked over. He glanced at the rack. His left hand moved, and a red flesh whip moved, sticking to a red bottle and pulling it to his side.

He just sat down. The thick and long meat whip covered the bottle. It sucked, and the cork was pulled out. He then downed the entire bottle.

Green Flower and Demon Gold looked at each other and saw the disdain on their faces.

That person drank a bottle, and the moment he placed the empty bottle down, he spotted their expressions. He scoffed coldly.


Everyone in the apocalypse was arrogant, much less saints like Green Flower and Demon Gold, who came from Soul Merchant. Now that they regained their strength, they wouldn’t allow others to show unhappiness to them. Green Flower purposely said it loud enough.

“Don’t force me to kill you.”

The guy whose left hand turned into a meat whip said coldly. Killing intent rose in his body.


Demon Gold stood up. He walked before him and looked down on him.

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