Chapter 894- Evolution Potion Feast (1)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 894- Evolution Potion Feast (1)

When the first batch of 50 thousand posthumous people warriors switched for the Cloud Peak warriors, this was the first time in the past few days that they could rest.

They returned to their accommodations. They couldn’t even wash up and then just fell asleep.

They were curious about where these weird-looking warriors came from, but not to the level where they wouldn’t rest. It was okay as long as they were helpers that their boss found.

After these Posthumous people got on the walls, they were shocked to see all the mutated lifeforms. They thought the battle would be tough, but they didn’t expect there to be so many enemies.

Liang Chuyin, Miya, Ah Tao, etc, who had grasped some of each other’s language, were the translators who gave them orders to defend themselves.

The mutated lifeforms didn’t stop attacking. The moment the Posthumous people got on the walls, they were in the battle. Although they didn’t recognise the zombies or mutated lifeforms, they knew the crystals. After all, the levels they represented were the same as the Blue Secret Realm, which helped to clear out the foreign feeling.

At the same time, their strength did increase coming from the Blue Secret Realm. That excited them, and they felt like the fights were going smoothly.

Hong Xiang was the king who led the first team over. This level eight king was curious about Ye Zhongming’s world, and he was sent first due to their close relationship.

Although they had to fight immediately, Hong Xiang’s first impression of Earth was still wonderful.

The air, temperature, humidity, weather, and ground were all better than Blue Secret Realm. They could see sprouts on the fertile soil. Even when he used skills, they were stronger than before.

To the Posthumous people, this was heaven.

Moreover, he had Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak to rely on, so there wasn’t any risk when he laid roots here.

Hong Xiang felt happy that he agreed to Ye Zhongming’s land exchange condition.

He knew Ye Zhongming did so for the demon crystals and various materials. But

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