Chapter 893- Xia Lei's counter attack
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 893- Xia Lei's counter attack

Netherworld Mine was a famous name in the area because it was once abandoned. A faction occupied it, and any that dared to offend them would be wiped within a night.

But on this day, people who passed by saw a team enter the mine, and then there were cries and the thick scent of blood.

Everyone could tell that Xia Lei wasn’t in a good state. It was only because she had been through an intense battle. But she was still pumped up.

Twelve people knelt before her. They were the twelve leaders of Netherworld Mine. Dense corpses were beside them, thousands of corpses. In the distance, there were some people in the corners that shivered.

Those corpses were the source of the gory scent.

“Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you go.”

Xia Lei tapped the cheeks of one person and said gently.

“Tell me who gave you the news about our path.” Xia Lei squinted her eyes and squatted before that person, “Tell me who sent you to monitor us.”

That person scoffed coldly and didn’t say anything.

Xia Lei pouted and touched his ear. She then ripped it off. Fresh blood splattered on his collar.

The guy who wanted to scream in pain could only whimper as Xia Lei had shoved his ear into his mouth!

“Eat it.”

Xia Lei said calmly.

That guy tried to spit. Even if he killed people like they were pigs, he wouldn’t be interested in eating his own ear.

But Xia Lei pressed his mouth and pinched his chin. She controlled him to force him to swallow his ear.

Those kneeling beside them twitched. They lowered their heads and didn’t want to see those terrifying scenes.

That person’s eyes were red. He stared at her furiously and wanted to eat her.

“Very angry?” Her smile disappeared, and a twisted, furious glare appeared. Her voice became sharp, “You are angry? Now Cloud Peak is being attacked, and who knows how many are dead? Shouldn’t I be angry? Cloud Peak might be broken; should I be angry? Ye Zhongming handed Cloud Peak to me, but I might lose it. How can I answer to him? Shouldn’t I be angry?”

She had lost her mind. Park Xiuyin

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