Chapter 892- Land equivalent exchange
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 892- Land equivalent exchange

The few kings didn’t expect Ye Zhongming to return so quickly. How long did it take?

They rushed over when they got the news from the Saint Pool. After all, there was still some time till the Saint Light Hall army attacked. The defenses were underway, and they weren’t busy.

The few other assistants returned with him. Ye Zhongming found Liang Chuyin after he left Cloud Peak. Their opinions on Earth were far more convincing than if Ye Zhongming tried to persuade them.

He gave them time to speak, and the few kings finally believed in the other world. Moreover, it was far better than Blue Secret Realm. At the same time, they learned that his base there was in trouble.

“I need your help.”

Ye Zhongming didn’t hide it. Such things couldn’t be hidden.

The few kings found out from their subordinates and had their own thoughts. They weren’t surprised to hear Ye Zhongming say that.

The few kings looked at each other and knew what they were thinking. Finally, Hong Xiang had a better relationship with Ye Zhongming, who spoke.

“Zhongming, we know you are in trouble, and we should help you. But you know our situation. If we send too few people, we might be unable to help. But if we send too many, the losses…”

Hong Xiang didn’t continue, but Ye Zhongming understood what he meant. There were too many enemies and not enough Cloud Peak warriors. If the Posthumous people joined, they would be the main force and would suffer losses. The Imperial City defense would be a problem if the losses were huge.

Ye Zhongming nodded but confidently said, “Our agreement is that I will bring troops to help you defend the Imperial City. I planned to hire some warriors over. If you help me, I will send my own warriors to participate.”

The kings were stunned and didn’t know the difference.

“The warriors wearing silver and green are under me, and their average level is four and above.”

Ye Zhongming took something he got from Cloud Peak. The new crystal gun model. He fired at the ground. He then tossed a crystal grenade.

“My subordinates us

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