Chapter 787- First battle power
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 787- First battle power

This was the first time he used this new job so he was obviously excited.

No matter the scroll's description, the effect was the important thing. Even if Ye Zhongming felt that this job was strong, before he saw proof, he was still nervous.

He raised Sand Dance above his head. The process was swift, but when he used Thousand Seal Slash, he felt like the blade paused in mid-air.

He saw a long blade image appearing beside Sand Dance.

Others couldn’t see Ye Zhongming clearly. A blade appeared in his hands, and when he slashed, long blade light appeared on the blade’s body. It looked as if this blue weapon that a sheath.

After which, there were five on both sides. Ten blade illusions appeared, each a few centimeters away as it sliced down.

Many people had seen eye-catching skills, but this was the first time they had seen such an eye-catching one with so much pressure.

Many people watched as the blade illusion pressed down.

Many people were blocked by those before them and couldn’t see what was happening. But they could hear the sound of bones being sliced.

People in the apocalypse were familiar with that sound.

After the sound, they saw that the demon monsters were in chaos. The bloodthirsty and vicious demon monsters started to hesitate.

Ye Zhongming retracted the blade that was covered in demon monster blood. His eyes were filled with excitement.

This job skill was extremely strong.

The demon monsters relied on their bodies. They didn’t have any talent skills, but it would be a nightmare if they got near survivors.

Apart from some that cultivated body techniques, the others would only get massacred when same-level demon monsters got close.

This wasn’t hard to understand. After all, a demon monster had a body that was a level or two stronger than a survivor's. If they got close, they obviously crushed them.

A level six demon monster was as strong as an eight-star evolved, so Ye Zhongming didn’t think about killing it in one strike. However, that fellow was sliced into two by his Thousand Seal Blade Sl

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