Chapter 786- Ideal Partner
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 786- Ideal Partner

This was the first time the crystal weapons were used in front of other ordinary survivors, which shocked them.

They had seen Cloud Peak’s high equipment levels and thought they would naturally get those after they evolved to a certain level.

They had treated these Cloud Peak beauties as their targets but didn’t worship and respect them. At most, they were jealous and envious.

But when they saw these crystal weapons that exceeded their understanding, they felt deeply the gap between Cloud Peak and themselves.

This was not only a problem of level… But all areas.

Many people had a single thought; they didn’t even know what those people held.

But Ye Zhongming didn’t have time to consider their thought process. He held a silver sniper rifle and searched for his target.

Ye Zhongming naturally wouldn’t hold back after getting large amounts of Ghost Metal. The bullets were turned to silver grade. Although this upgrade couldn’t bring skills like normal equipment, but the increase in basic stats was obvious.

For bullets, these basic stats were enough.

He aimed a tall demon monster and took a deep breath before firing.

A silver bullet flew from the barrel.

A blood flower appeared, and its head exploded. Fresh blood and brain juices splattered.

“Level five.”

Ye Zhongming muttered. The demon monster he killed was three meters tall. Based on their height to calculate level, that was a level five lifeform.

Ye Zhongming could kill it from this distance with silver guns and bullets.

Ye Zhongming searched for new targets. He wanted to see if a 3.5-meter-tall demon monster could dodge his attacks.

He found a demon monster quickly that was close to that height and fired. He even used Space Stack, but the outcome shocked him.

He missed!

Strictly speaking, he hit the target. If it was another lifeform, that hit was lethal. But although the demon monster wasn’t hit in its eyes, it was hit in the head. If that shot hit a level six zombie, it would die if it didn’t have special abilities.

After all, the double silver po

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