Chapter 785- Ranged cover
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 785- Ranged cover

Ye Zhongming clearly remembered the first day he became a four-star, and he learned about demon monsters from his boss.

He knew how these beings deemed more terrifying than mutated lifeforms by the human elites threatened humans.

They had a strong organizational structure and were disciplined. Their bodies were strong, and they were intelligent. They could even be described as cunning.

The two most terrifying points were that they didn’t have demon crystals. Their body parts weren’t good materials, and most weren’t useful, so killing them wasn’t an added value. Secondly, they mainly ate humans and reproduced quickly.

Apart from bringing terror and despair, the apocalypse brought humans evolution. But because their bodies leaned towards evolution, their reproduction ability was reduced, and the number of kids dropped. Along with the uncertain life, human numbers started to drop sharply.

A while later, many large factions realized this problem and started to protect kids and promote birth. This helped slow the trend, but overall, the number of humans dropped.

This caused many to worry about the continuity of the race.

Demon monsters were considered special monsters formed after humans suffered from radiation. Their numbers grew at a terrifying rate. Especially when their intellects grew to a point where they were as intelligent as humans, they became a race that could replace humans. Thus, even if factions weren’t harmonious, they would attack them once they spotted demon monsters. This became an unwritten rule.

This was an important matter, so the organizations paid close attention.

Honestly, Ye Zhongming was shocked when he saw so many of them. His first thought was to leave, as he felt he wasn’t strong enough to deal with so many of them.

But the responsibility formed in him from his last life and his responsibility in this life made him choose to stay and fight.

Once he set his goal, he became extremely firm. His heart started to consider how to wipe out these demon monsters.

Everything around him bec

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