Chapter 784- Boss Ye is back
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 784- Boss Ye is back


The bowstring shook, and a white arrow flew into the eye of a demon monster. This three-meter-tall demon monster fell backward onto a few demon monsters.

Zhao Xingmei panted. Her attack was really high, and she could insta kill demon monsters of the same level. But she had to be accurate. She could only achieve that effect when she shot their eyes, ears, or open mouths.

If she hit other parts, the taller demon monsters would be injured but still survive. Their bodies’ defense was too good.

Moreover, to ensure accuracy, Zhao Xingmei had to get closer. If not, these agile fellows would dodge their fatal positions, causing her shots to fail.

The battle was very intense, and everyone tried their best to defend. Everyone knew that if these demon monsters charged into the camp, the humans would get massacred.

This battle didn’t last for very long, only an hour, but it was intense. People died every second, and so did demon monsters. The area in front of the humans was covered in corpses and broken limbs. Fresh blood sank into the ground. The stench and smell of the intestines caused the humans to frown.

Human and enemy corpses were mixed, and you couldn’t differentiate them.

Many flying beings flew in the sky, and they would give out screeches. But they didn’t dare to land. Be it the trapped humans or the attacking demon monsters, the flying beings couldn’t offend them.

But they gave the humans huge pressure.

The feeling of being a target of both those on the skies and on the ground felt really bad.

The demon monster wave retreated, and many people fell to the ground. They panted and recovered some stamina as they prepared for the next attack.

Many people looked around and saw that their familiar faces were gone. They lowered their heads and wondered if they would die in the next attack, too.

This silence spread across the entire defense line.

There was suddenly a commotion near Ying City’s defense line. A bright light shone. Many people saw a group of 500 charging towards the demon monsters.


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