Chapter 750- Heaven on the left, hell on the right
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 750- Heaven on the left, hell on the right

The people here were at least captains. They looked at the wheel and heard the auctioneer’s explanation, and they roughly understood its use.

It was a wheel; the difference was that it could move. In other words, you could bring it away and spin it when you wish.

The level seven crystal requirement made one tough-tied, but the eight regions on the wheel attracted the most attention.

Ye Zhongming did the same as the others and stared at the eight regions.

The auctioneer mentioned four rewards and four punishments, which made Ye Zhongming salivate.

The most eye-catching reward was the potion in the middle.

Seven-star evolution potion!

The stronger one was, the more they craved this potion.

A year had passed, and the average human evolution level was two stars, moving towards three stars. What about the elites? They were four and five stars!

The humans standing at the top of the human pyramid were all six-star.

Wen Zhong, Ji Ruiguang, Zhang Hetai, Mu Xinfei, etc were all at that level.

They were the bosses of the resistance zone, and they controlled the entire zone’s resources. Although they didn’t use everything on themselves, they leaned towards supporting themselves.

But they still hadn’t reached seven-star.

Did the resistance zone have a seven-star? Yes. But there was only a handful of them to threaten high-level mutated lifeforms and other countries’ resistance zones. As well as to do some special missions.

Why were there so few seven stars? Because of the lack of crystals.

Based on the rate, 100 crystals could get the potion of the same level. To get a seven-star potion, these bosses had to kill 100 level seven lifeforms.

Even if the mutated lifeforms were evolving fast, very few reached level seven.

Moreover, there weren’t many solo mutated lifeforms. These solo lifeforms were very powerful, or the rest lived together. It was tough to kill a level-seven mutated lifeform.

They had to find, hunt, and suffer from the low chance in the wheel.

No one could find so many level seven crystals like Ye

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