Chapter 749- One step board
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 749- One step board

“Cloud Peak, Ye Zhongming, bid of 1.42 billion level three crystals.”


The crowd exclaimed once more, because of the price and also because of the person that got the equipment.

Usually, in an auction with three prizes, these three items wouldn’t end up with the same person. After all, there were many strong factions, and none was far stronger than the rest.

But now that two of the three were obtained by one side, this situation was surprising.

Moreover, this price wasn’t much higher than the base price, and whether the price was reasonable depended on the true value of the thing.

Was it good? Definitely! Was it worth so much? Many people didn’t think so!

The money could be used to equip a medium-sized team, and the benefits in the short term would be much better than increasing people's experience. Moreover, these factions were best at using their advantage to snowball, so this machine was too expensive and wasn’t suitable for them. To the few bosses, 1.2 was the max.

Who knew that a fool would buy it for 1.4million? Did he have too much money?

This time, the few bosses looked at Ye Zhongming with a more complicated expression. They felt he was a fool, but could a fool be so rich? So who was the fool? They were lost.

Ye Zhongming was surprised himself. He followed the development path and habits of Cloud Peak and felt like they were useful. So he gave a reasonable price. As for the 20 thousand, it was just to disgust people.

Who knew that he would hit?

Of course, he could give this price because Cloud Peak decided to train elites. He couldn’t have large numbers of people like the resistance zones, and weren’t animals like Soul Merchant able to capture humans and use them as pigs?

Ye Zhongming could only slowly develop his faction and survive among the mutated lifeforms and huge factions. Every warrior loyal to him and Cloud Peak was precious, and he didn’t have the right to waste them.

Especially after having the two labs. Cloud Peak needed more trustworthy people to protect in case their core t

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