Chapter 748- Want or not
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 748- Want or not

“This Extreme Light Training Platform can help to solve the problem. You just have to put various mutated lifeforms in, and the training platform will record their abilities and data to form a training segment. Evolved can enter to train and fight these mutated lifeforms in a very realistic environment.”

“Please note that you can select the mutated lifeform levels. This means that even if you placed a level one mutated lifeform on the platform to train, when the evolved uses it, he can select level nine!”

“This thing might be problematic to use as you need to capture mutated lifeforms, but it is very useful. It can allow evolved to gain experience. Think about it: Wouldn't their losses be reduced in future battles when your warriors pass the strict training and have experience? Wouldn’t that save on evolution potions, equipment, and scrolls?”

The auctioneer purposely paused before continuing, “I know everyone has many questions. You can ask me, and I will reply individually to help you understand the equipment and sell this for a higher price for Cannibal Chain.”

Someone laughed in reply to the auctioneer’s humor.

“Is this thing tough enough? Would a high-level mutated lifeform just destroy it?”

The people at the back asked.

The auctioneer smiled, “Don’t worry, we placed a level-seven beast in, and it was in there for half a day. Even after it got exhausted, it didn’t make its way out. The internal parts of the platform were also perfectly fine.

Many people exclaimed.

Even the strongest evolved now didn’t dare to take a level-seven monster’s full-strength attack.

“How real is it?”

Mu Xinfei spoke. Such battles were risky. It could make warriors get used to things and thus make judgment mistakes during real fights. Such a situation wouldn’t help them and would instead hurt them.

This core problem made the auctioneer solemn.

“I can use Cannibal Chain’s honor to promise it is very realistic. Moreover, the strength and skill replications are all correct! Don’t forget, it came from the wheel; humans can’t m

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