Chapter 712- Cleaning up
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 712- Cleaning up

He looked at many corpses, and he finally confirmed that these people were killed by the Roselle Cedar that he nurtured.

No wonder it was much bigger and stronger when he saw it. When it was waiting for the opportunity, it had started killing here.

Although the Roselle Cedar was of great help to Ye Zhongming at the crucial moment, without it, Ye Zhongming might be facing a level-nine lifeform now.

But Ye Zhongming had never received a request from anything that happened here. The Roselle Cedar didn’t even tell him that it had killed so many.

This made Ye Zhongming wary of the Intelligence Mark, which could give mutated plants intermediate intelligence.

Right, intelligence. This phrase not only meant that they could complete his orders perfectly, but it also meant that they had their own minds and would do things independently.

For example… Feed.

Ye Zhongming didn’t order it not to eat or attack humans; he told it to wait for his orders. But the Death King Tree went out to hunt on its own. This was no different from going against his orders.

It seemed like even when the cooldown on this skill was up, he couldn’t use it easily. Even if he did, he had to give it more comprehensive orders to prevent accidents from happening.

“The Cannibal Alliance recognized that these people were a family that entered Linhai. Their surnames were Tang, and all of them died here.”

Mo Ye asked about and told Ye Zhongming about the situation.

He nodded, “Tell the brothers to clear the battlefield. Their items are decent.”

The big family that entered Linhai behind the zombie horde and wanted to take advantage was sneak attacked by a mutated plant with weird abilities. Their whole army was wiped out.

“The zombies are still here, but as we don’t dare to get too close, we can’t scout what is inside that tall building.”

This was the second news that he got. The zombie horde was in the city; for some reason, they surrounded the ruins of a high building. Some of the zombies had entered, and the rest were outside. They didn’t even l

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