Chapter 713- Explosive Sac
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 713- Explosive Sac

Ruan Xiao asked Ye Zhongming what he meant, but when he saw that Cloud Peak’s squad had started to gather, he didn’t say what he wanted.

He reflected on Cloud Peak’s good reputation and placed his worry down.

Since the boss mentioned that, he shouldn’t lie to himself, so he would just wait.

Ye Zhongming entered Linhai and ran in a direction. Cloud Peak monitored the zombie horde’s direction so he knew where they were.

Without Life Taking Carrot, without mutated lifeforms, Ye Zhongming could find them in half an hour. They were near to the Death King Tree battlefield. They ate the remaining human corpses.

The horde quickly found Ye Zhongming, as this human didn’t plan to hide.

The lowest evolution level here was level three; level four zombies took up half of the horde. There were thousands of level five. Some of Sword Armor’s core members were level six. Sword Armor itself was a rare level seven lifeform!

There were over ten thousand of them, and their average level was level four. Sword Armor’s horde had never met a target they couldn’t defeat. Death King Tree put them under huge pressure, and as such, they didn’t like that plant. Along with the liquid attracting them, they avoided that fight.

The scent of blood after the battle caused them to continue roaming the city to consume this easy-to-get food. Moreover, they had picked up the scent of many alive humans and were rushing over to get a full meal.

This was until they saw that lone human.

With simple intellect and a stable evolution level, the zombie horde didn’t charge over immediately when they noticed him. They observed him, especially those high-level zombies who didn’t understand this abnormal behavior.

To date, no human dared to provoke them head-on.

Ye Zhongming understood this.

Not to mention himself, even if he led the entire Cloud Peak, he didn’t want to deal with this horde. Maybe Cloud Peak could win, but they would lose more than half of their team, including half of the core members.

Ye Zhongming wasn’t a fool, and he wouldn’t do th

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