Chapter 711- Settling recipe
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 711- Settling recipe

There weren’t many humans remaining on the ground. Many went to the underground city to search for the Death King Tree. Some Ying City Alliance members even asked Ye Zhongming for permission before entering. After all, even if they couldn’t find the Death King Tree, there were many valuable things underground, and they could pick up scraps.

But Cloud Peak didn’t go; they cleaned up the battlefield instead.

The dried corpses had exploded, so they were useless. However, some of the half-dried corpses had some energy and could be used as materials.

Many dead humans also left some excellent items. Cloud Peak selected those they needed and gave the rest to Ying City and the other survivors who didn’t go to the underground city.

They risked their lives to assist Cloud Peak, which won their trust.

Ye Zhongming ordered the collection of four types of items. The first was the pipes the Death King Tree used to control the dried corpses. The second was the Life-Taking Carrots or branches around the city. The third was the flower pieces. The last were the four giant flowers that Ying City Alliance had spotted at the city's four corners.

As for the Death King Tree’s main body, Ye Zhongming led his people to break it down.

The body of a level eight lifeform close to reaching level nine was precious. This was one of the most valuable materials that Ye Zhongming had received to date. The only things that could compare to it would be the Ghost Metal, Ocean Drill Metal, and Four Element Power.

Moreover, Ye Zhongming’s Gardener job might allow him to gain unexpectedly from the body of the Death King Tree.

Ye Zhongming looked at it for a long time. After he had considered it, he told the rest to split it into two areas.

“Zhongming, look at this.”

Mo Ye sent people to set up a sentry before walking beside Ye Zhongming. She passed him something. He realized that it was an exquisite sac.

“It came from Zhang Dalong; it should be space equipment.”

After Mo Ye killed Zhang Dalong, she found what Zhang Dalong was bragging about

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