Chapter 487- Killing Beer (1)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 487- Killing Beer (1)

“Shining Weapon Gate!”

The Weapon Monster used its strongest skill.

The light gate sent out an energy wave that forced Ye Zhongming and the metal giant back. The six weapons could be seen in the gate, and they started to merge to form a new weapon.

An exaggerated and giant bow.

This bow hung in the gate, and the Weapon Monster also entered. Its six arms grabbed it and pulled the bowstring to aim at Ye Zhongming.

Its movement was really quick, and it was instantly completed. A shining arrow was placed on the bowstring, firing with a buzzing sound.

Lightning Strike!

This was the only feeling that Cloud Peak warriors had when they saw the arrow. The moment this arrow that was the size of a mature human appeared, it caught everyone’s attention. The arrow gave off a cold killing intent, sending a chill down their spine.

What kind of arrow was that? How did it have such an aura?

Although the people below didn’t get up, the moment they saw the arrow, they subconsciously wondered if they could handle such an attack.

Everyone felt powerless.

It was too quick and powerful!

Everyone was shocked by the arrow, but they missed out on Ye Zhongming.

The moment the arrow appeared, Ye Zhongming started to adapt.

The metal giant and him moved towards one another.

They were already very close, and after this step, Ye Zhongming was behind it. At that moment, the arrow shot towards him.

From that, one could see how fast it was.

The arrow pierced the metal, and that five-digit durability instantly reached zero.

The blade light landed and pressed on that light arrow.

Seal: Mountain Blade!

The huge pressure caused the light arrow to freeze and slow down.

It pierced the osmium and gave Ye Zhongming a chance to slash. The pressure of the Mountain Blade gave Ye Zhongming a chance to use his next skill.

Seal: Metal Blade!

The sharp blade light and starlight hit the arrow.

This time, there was an explosion. It wasn’t loud, but it was very clear.

Seal: Flame Blade!

Ye Zhongming used his third skill.


The sound wa

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