Chapter 486- Close combat
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 486- Close combat

The six weapons in the Weapon Monster’s hand moved, and the frog face became increasingly solemn.

This opponent was putting it under huge pressure.

He only defended and blocked a talent skill to escape unharmed. Anyone who faced him would have the same feeling.

Ye Zhongming moved both hands. Receiving the skill caused his arms to become slightly numb.

The moment both sides crossed eyes, they charged forward and fought each other again.

Ye Zhongming’s Moon Edge brought with it streaks of starlight. The Weapon Monster’s weapon flipped around to find a chance to hurt Ye Zhongming.

Both sides were in close combat.

It wasn’t a skill competition, but it was so dangerous that Cloud Peak members forgot to blink.

If you used skills, you would have time to adjust if you lost. But you would lose your life in close combat if you weren’t careful.

Ye Zhongming used Starblade as the basic technique, with Scorching Flame Technique as support. He was able to keep up.

The six weapons were used well when the Weapon Monster didn’t use skills. No wonder survivors were able to learn fighting methods from it. This monster was really impressive.

Ye Zhongming retreated and turned to the other side.

He only had one blade. Even if his speed and attacks were faster and stronger, that monster had six arms and six weapons, which gave it an advantage. It forced Ye Zhongming to be quicker. After a short time of high-intensity clashes, he could only retreat to recover some stamina.

But the Weapon Monster wasn’t going to let him go. It followed him, and the six weapons rose up and down, forcing Ye Zhongming to fight it.

Due to the rules, Ye Zhongming’s battle pets couldn’t follow him. Red Hair, Yellow Ball, even the bees couldn’t help him. This reduced his overall strength by half.

Just Red Hair alone was as strong as Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongming was not at his complete strength. Until now, no one could force him to go all out.

Even the dead Cheng Tianji couldn’t.

Naturally, this Weapon Monster couldn’t either. But this monster had

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