Chapter 485- Weapon Monster
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 485- Weapon Monster

The heavier the user’s injuries, the stronger the weapon.

Even Ye Zhongming had to praise this ability. If not for the mental energy restriction and the fact that you often had to risk your life before you used it, he felt like this ability alone was enough to raise its grade by a few levels and become either green or blue equipment.

Xia Bai fought three battles and was out of stamina. Her chances of beating the grasshopper weren’t big. This agile monster would drag Xia Bai to death.

Xia Bai thought of a strategy from the start. Defend, get injured, Darkness Calamity, restrain the enemy, Sadness Pattern.

She used herself as the bait, drew the grasshopper into a trap, and successfully killed it.

It looked simple, but it was very risky.

The plan would fail if she couldn’t tank the damage and died. If she couldn’t force the grasshopper to use all its skills and for her skill to be broken by one of its skills, it would all be for nothing.

Moreover, not everyone could handle the increased pain from Darkness Calamity. If their mind wasn’t strong enough, they might faint. At that time, they would be there for the taking!

Xia Bai was walking on a tightrope since she chose to do that. If she weren’t careful, she would fall into an abyss.

Fortunately, she won.

Xia Bai consumed all her mental energy to allow the Sadness Ink Pattern Scythe to have the strongest combat strength. The moment before she fell unconscious, she chose to leave the arena.

Her body was fully injured and was teleported back into Cloud Peak’s camp, and Teacher Park started to heal her.

She suffered heavy injuries twice and survived. Only someone like Xia Bai could do it.

After this battle, Xia Bai had a supernatural status in Cloud Peak. She won everyone’s respect. Especially people like Ah Yang, who didn’t understand Cloud Peak. They looked at Xia Bai with worshipping gazes!

Ye Zhongming heaved a sigh of relief when he looked at Xia Bai, who was badly injured but still alive. He knew that it was down to him to end the battle.

He appeared i

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