Chapter 484- Xia Bai's strategy
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 484- Xia Bai's strategy

As evolution levels increased, they started to have their unique points. They had their evolution directions and more abilities.

The evolution level just represented the overall strength or weakness.

Xia Bai might have the speed advantage compared to mutated lifeforms, but it was not enough when she faced those who focused on speed.

The grasshopper flapped its wings and attacked, which caught many off guard.

But Ye Zhongming saw that Xia Bai’s movement was very hesitant. There was a gap in speed, but it shouldn’t be so big.

Since that was the case, then…

Ye Zhongming thought about it. Both sides clashed several times, and Xia Bai was knocked back. If the grasshopper focused on strength, Xia Bai would have vomited blood.

Even then, Xia Bai was injured. The claws left several wounds on her shoulder and back.

Seven-star evolved had a terrifying healing ability but was not an instant heal. Those wounds still bled and dripped on the arena.

The grasshopper was cunning, and it knew where its advantage was. It knew it couldn’t fight head-on with Xia Bai, so it used its speed.

A huge fork knocked XIa Bai; this time, she was sent flying to the ground.

“Fallen Shadow!”

The grasshopper used its second skill. Two images formed from the fork on the claws and knocked into her scythe.

Fortunately, she was still a seven-star evolved. This skill caused her mouth to bleed. She got up and displayed a defensive stance.

“Why is Sister Xia not fighting back?”

“Its defense shouldn’t be strong, right?”

“Is she waiting to see its other skills?”

“Doesn’t her injuries look serious?”

Many Cloud Peak members discussed this. Compared to when she found chances to attack, she was very passive in this one.

This gave the grasshopper huge confidence. Its attacks didn’t stop, and it would use Mental Strike and Fallen Shadow. Her injuries continued to increase.

Maybe as it felt like it was about to win, its attacks grew more frequent, and they got smoother.

“Thousand Spin!”, “Shadow Release!” Two skills were used.

Thousand Spin wa

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