Chapter 483- Three consecutive battles
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 483- Three consecutive battles

Those sticky tentacles were between Xia Bai and the Darkness Slayer.

The spin sliced them up.

The Darkness Slayer gave out its largest cry since the start of the fight. The face filled with joy started to twist because of its injuries. Its two meat strip ears rose and twitched. It was obviously in intense pain.

The sticky body protected its body, but the tentacles weren’t thick and couldn’t block the sharp scythe.

That vegetable blade that sliced towards Xia Bai’s head tilted and sliced on the scythe. This prevented the scythe from making a full circle and slicing all the tentacles.

But it was enough to release her hands and allow her to hold the scythe once more.

Those black bugs had appeared above the Darkness Slayer’s head and exploded, turning into the powder that landed on the Darkness Slayer’s body.

The Darkness Calamity’s true ability was to worsen small injuries.

When she was a five-star evolved, this ability could cause Bei Zi’s bruised leg to become so serious that he couldn’t move. Now that she was a seven-star evolved, even if her job wasn’t improved, the effect of Darkness Calamity still increased.

Now that the Darkness Slayer had so many tentacles sliced off, maybe its combat strength wasn’t affected much. Those tentacles might even grow back once the pain ends. But it was still injured now.

As the powder landed, this pain was magnified by several folds.

Xia Bai could accurately control the range of Darkness Calamity, so Darkness Slayer was in a challenging situation.

It was already in pain, and now it was magnified several times. Even a level-six lifeform wouldn’t be able to handle such intense pain.

The Darkness Slayer couldn’t attack Xia Bai; it could only release those tentacles and retreat. Its body twitched, and the wounds of those tentacles even had pink liquid flowing out.

It should be its blood or the body’s liquid.

The Darkness Slayer was still a terrifying presence. It made the right choice, even if it was about to faint from the pain. It knew that the enemy was still stuck t

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