Chapter 488- Killing Beer (2)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 488- Killing Beer (2)

The ground was covered in flames the height of one’s shin. The sky had lightning that would land at any moment. Beer’s big size also occupied a huge portion of the arena.

It just started, and this giant fellow had all the advantages.

Even the osmium giant seemed small in front of it.

Ye Zhongming was experienced, but he felt powerless.

But Beer helped him make his choice. It attacked.

Its mountain-like body stomped on the arena, and the entire space shook. The clouds moved slowly towards Ye Zhongming. Moreover, its body bent and started to ‘walk’ towards Ye Zhongming.

Right, walk. The arena was not big enough for it to run. Each step it took was enough to make Ye Zhongming feel as if a mountain was pressing onto him.

This fellow was too big, and the arena was too small.

Ye Zhongming kept the Explosive Mechanic. It was too weak and would spoil once the flames or lightning hit it.

He also retreated. The osmium giant entered the Death Flame Domain.

Ye Zhongming received notification that his summoned being was losing durability.

It was obvious that the domain dealt huge damage and it was also consecutive damage.

Ye Zhongming controlled the osmium giant to the side and was calculating something.

The hammers smashed at Ye Zhongming. He was stunned and moved to the side.

He was far away, and Beer’s action seemed useless, but that hammer hit where Ye Zhongming was standing.

Between the hammer and its hands was a silver chain!

If Ye Zhongming had reacted slightly slower, he would have been badly injured, if not dead. The battle would have ended.

Beer was surprised that it didn’t hit. It continued to move, and the other hammer flew.

Hong Hong Hong!

The sounds made things exciting, but no Cloud Peak members were relaxed. They watched as Beer’s attacks reduced their boss’s movement space.

With such a strong enemy, movement space decided one’s room for survival.

If this continued… Many people didn’t dare to imagine.

Ye Zhongming finally attacked. But his target confused everyone.

He used Mountain Blade o

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