Chapter 453- Competition Death Wheel's 4th trick
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 453- Competition Death Wheel's 4th trick

“B Grade Treasure Box (Small).”

When those few words appeared, Ye Zhongming thought back to the boxes he got from the Gate of Sacrifice. Most of these loot boxes seemed differentiated by A, B, C, and D.

He opened it, and the box disappeared. A white jade appeared in Ye Zhongming’s hand.

“Spirit Qilin Pendant. Ability 1: Space Forcefield, form a magnetic field to cause metal ranged attacks to divert.”

“Ability 2: Space charge. The pendant will charge when it is unused. The longer the time, the higher the defense.”

Defensive equipment?

Ye Zhongming’s eyes lit up. His depressed mood from the previous broken equipment was improved.

It was much harder to get defensive equipment than attack ones. Better defensive equipment was even rarer. Although this pendant was only silver grade, its two abilities were decent. The first was blocking, which was important in the future. Five years later, each person would have a piece of defensive equipment that helped to avoid easy deaths. Sometimes, it wasn’t the stronger person that lived longer. A low-level sniper with a good weapon could often kill a high-level evolved.

Ability 2 was the reason why Ye Zhongming liked this equipment. This equipment could block a fatal ranged attack if the charging time was long enough!

Of course, Ye Zhongming saw its weakness. One couldn’t suffer from many attacks. If not, the defensive ability would be consumed until it was useless.

But thinking about it, without that weakness, these two abilities would mean that this equipment was green or even blue grade. It wouldn’t be silver.

He wanted to give it to Park Xiuying, but she declined. Most of Cloud Peak’s resources leaned towards her, so she felt embarrassed. Moreover, the others felt like the person in Cloud Peak who needed defensive equipment the most was Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongming had no choice but to wear it. But he gave that ring to Park Xiuying; at least it gave her the ability to protect herself.

Ye Zhongming picked up the third piece of equipment excitedly.

Stable Statue?


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