Chapter 452- Protector Cloak
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 452- Protector Cloak

Ye Zhongming wasn’t planning to use it so early. After all, he didn’t have many crystals, which were all very high-level.

But he couldn’t hesitate. He knew it would summon more problematic monsters if he didn’t deal with this fellow.

Thus, after he used his strongest skill, he took out his strongest weapon.

Ye Zhongming fired, then the second and the third.

Ye Zhongming scoffed at people who fired and looked at the outcome. The battle situation often changed because of that. One pause would mean that there would be no more chances.

Moreover, Ye Zhongming was attacking a level-seven monster.

Fatal Gun Artist’s job skill--- Space Stack!

There were monsters with shields in front, but the gun technique ignored the distance.

Gunshots fired, and the bullets with lightning energy appeared near the level-seven monster.

The first bullet hit it straight on!

The next three all hit the same place.

Ye Zhongming glanced at the purple gun. The energy of the crystal was mostly used up. But he just pulled the trigger until the energy was finished.

This was the first time his expression wasn’t good after entering the space.

Purple equipment was enough to threaten high-level monsters. Along with his gun technique, he thought that he could end the battle.

But he neglected one point. Each mutated lifeform, especially those the wheel made to kill survivors was very strong.

Golden staff and green bell all had abilities that gave him a headache. But apart from these two, this level-seven monster had two other things.

Silver Crown and the robe!

When the bullet appeared before it, the level-seven monster retreated and used his arm to block his face. The remaining shots were hit on the robe.

Each shot caused the robe to light up. The part that was hit had a light wave to block it.

Each attack caused a knockback effect, and the positions hit were different. Although they could leave a hole in the robe, it didn’t cause fatal injuries.

The level-seven monster was in a bad state when they were used up. Its face was covered in

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