Chapter 451- Job upgrade
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 451- Job upgrade

The distance between the two wasn’t big, and these human-shaped monsters were quick. They charged, and both sides knocked into each other immediately.

Apart from the Cloud Peak warriors in charge of defense, those on the front row were the core members.

Fresh blood and liquid flew for the first time.

“Level four!”

Xia Lei’s blades blocked a twin-blade monster. She kicked it away before its giant tail could smack her. At the same time, she shouted two words.

“Level three.”

Little Tiger stabbed one of their bodies. He flicked and sliced the opponent in half.

“This is level five!”

The talisman spun above Mo Ye’s head. She held her blade, and after she clashed with one of the monsters, the wind blade opened a wound on the enemy.

Everyone didn’t know their evolution level because there weren't demon crystals. Letting the experts report it was the best method. But the three reported three different levels. Everyone knew that the monsters that looked the same had differing strengths.

“Try to block more of them.”

Ye Zhongming told Red Hair before jumping on the platform. The Brainchild clarified that this level-seven mutated lifeform was good at defense and summoning. If he allowed it to continue summoning, the price would be high even if they won.

Summoning lifeforms were the most annoying ones.

Ye Zhongming planned to kill this main body quickly.

Although he had six-star strength, he didn’t fear a level-seven lifeform.

This fellow was not good at attacking!

A blade sliced on the water barrier, and Ye Zhongming’s heart sank.

The water barrier wasn’t affected by his strike.

The human-shaped monster holding a golden staff looked at Ye Zhongming in disdain and continued to control the black whirlpool. Monsters landed. This time, they were monsters with shields. They looked similar to those monsters from before, just that their hands turned into giant metal shields. Their tails became a thick T letter that pressed on the ground to support their bodies.

A few dozen landed, and the monsters behind were even m

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